The AskDrA Book: Easy & Practical Answers To Enjoying Life As A New Sleever

In 2015, my team and I set out to help more people understand the benefits of vertical sleeve gastrectomy by creating the #AskDrA Show.

The show quickly became a popular resource on social media for those not only considering the weight loss procedure but for those who underwent the life changing surgery.

The #AskDrA Book is a companion resource to the show. It contains over 85 questions and answers guiding you through pre op, post op, nutrition, exercise, supplements and much more. Every chapter contains a “follow along” link to the episode on the show, so you can listen along while reading.


The days and weeks after weight loss surgery can be scary and confusing. It is easy to forget many of the important details your doctor may have told you. This book covers many of the questions “sleevers” often ask regarding topics such as water intake, vitamins, exercise, etc. This book is an awesome reference for gastric sleeve-related questions. I highly recommend this book.” – Tricia Pretty O’Neill



The #AskDrA Book is a wonderful resource, as it serves to answer the majority of questions facing the Gastric Sleeve surgery patient. I would go as far as saying it’s a great way for Dr. Alvarez to reassure all of us “sleevers” who occasionally have questions along the way.” – Amy Linskie

The #AskDrA Book is an easy to read question and answer resource guide that helps patients discover the benefits of living with their new sleeve and maintaining their weight loss goals after gastric sleeve surgery.


In this book you’ll discover frequently asked and not so common questions that patients and those who want to know more about the weight loss procedure are curious about.

Here’s just few…
*If all your levels are good, do you still need to take vitamins daily?
*What to buy before and after surgery to be prepared?
*Is there one “superfood” that you recommend I put into my diet?
*How do I know that I am a candidate for a resleeve?
*What is the maximum amount of protein we should consume in a day?
*How long do we have to wait before drinking alcohol?
*How important is it on phase 1 clear liquids to get protein in?
*Is it normal to lose much hair after surgery?
*How much do I need to worry about gallstones after sleeve surgery?
*Is it normal to have issues with acne after surgery?
*What vitamins are recommended post operation?
*Is it normal to break out in unexplained hives after surgery?
*What is Dumping Syndrome?
*When can I go into a hot tub?
*Should we have our flu vaccine before or after our surgery?
*Will we need plastic surgery after the gastric sleeve?
*I just started chemo and radiation this week. Will this damage my sleeve?
…and many more.


This book is one I could not put down. As I was reading the book I kept noticing I would set a goal to read 2-3 chapters and before you know it I could not stop! This is an amazing read for anyone pre and post op for gastric sleeve surgery.” – Brandi Carter


A fantastic resource no matter how far out you are from VSG surgery. The #AskDrA Book gives us the information we need when we need it.” – Brenda Wooleu


Available on Amazon (in print and kindle) June 6, 2016.

The Kindle price is $9.99 USD. The print price is $19.95 USD

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