Brandi’s Thoughts On The #AskDrA Book And Her Endobariatric Experience!

First of all, a huge Thank YOU, for choosing me to be a Beta Reader for the #AskDrA Book.  Such an honor!

This book is one I could not put down.  Although, I have already been sleeved it was an awesome learning experience for me still.  As I was reading the book I kept noticing I would set a goal to read 2-3 chapters and before you know it I could not stop!  This is an amazing read for anyone pre and post op for VSG surgery. 

Dr. A. keeps it 100% real through all his answers. It took me back to when I was early post op when reading the questions and answers.  It was almost like I was sitting in his office asking him the questions and he was answering them. That is one of my favorite things about being Dr. Alvarez’s patient. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything! He tells you the real truth whether it is a benefit or not.

This procedure is not all about him. It is designed to be all about you. But he has this amazing talent & knowledge of the body’s composition. And look what he is doing for us!  Writing it out in a book for us to have on our bedside table for any questions we may have. What an amazing thing to do!! Just goes to show you what a thoughtful amazing surgeon he is. This is a definite purchase for me and my family! And would be a great gift for any family or friend considering to have the surgery.  

I also want to add a little bit about my experience with Endobariatric and Dr. Alvarez’s team.  I have told my story many times, heck, maybe I should write a book too, ha ha!

But seriously, my experience was like none other. I seriously wish we had services/treatment like this at our US hospitals & clinics.  Most people question me about the hospital, staff, and location. The hospital and staff was great! When Susan sends you your itinerary on how everything will take place, that is exactly how it takes place to the “T”! It is very informative so you know exactly what will be happening and in what order.

The hospital was super clean. Nurses and staff, simply amazing.  And the location of the hospital was never intimidating or scary to me. I did walk the alley between the hospital and the office the day of surgery. Then went to the market day after surgery.  I never felt violated or uncomfortable at any time.  I definitely would do it again and again!  I have dealt with weight issues my entire life. At a whopping 399.4lbs I decided to be sleeved by my now hero, Dr. Alvarez!

And now 114 pounds down at 10-months post op, I would definitely recommend to anyone that is even questioning it. I feel like Dr. Alvarez’s and his team has given Me a second chance at life. Thank You to all of you!

Again thank you for the opportunity to get a sneak peek.  Can’t wait to see the final product!


Brandi Carter, Jonesboro Arkansas