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The Benefits of Financing Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery financing spreads the cost of your procedure out with affordable monthly payments that allow you to reap the physical and financial benefits of gastric sleeve surgery. Bariatric surgery may save more than your health; losing much of your excess weight may lead to lower lifestyle expenses, fewer medications, and less medical care for obesity-related conditions. People often have fewer health concerns after weight loss, equating to fewer doctor visits and lower healthcare costs. People with diabetes may go into remission and no longer require anti-diabetic medication. Comorbidities, such as chronic pain, also improve.

A 2018 study published in Obesity Surgery found a significant decrease in the cost of medications after bariatric surgery, especially for diabetes. While this may not lead to substantial cost savings right away, there could be long-term financial benefits to weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery may lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, diabetes, and depression. Treatments for these medical conditions can carry hefty medical bills.

Financing your bariatric surgery offers huge benefits for your health and monthly expenses without jeopardizing your savings.

Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico vs. United States

financing gastric sleeve surgery in MexicoVertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery at Endobariatric costs about $8,499, while gastric band to vertical sleeve gastrectomy is priced at $9,500. In contrast, bariatric surgery in the United States ranges from $7,400 to $33,000. It all comes down to your location, hospital, and surgeon in the United States, and price estimates tend to change with surprise fees or hidden charges that increase the total medical bill. Bariatric surgery costs include anesthesia, testing, X-rays, the surgeon’s fees, and follow-up appointments. Patients will pay more for medications, transportation, nutritionists or dieticians, and other associated costs.

Dr. Alvarez and our team at Endobariatric provide all-inclusive pricing so patients know the exact amount they will pay for sleeve gastrectomy. There are no extra charges or hidden fees, and your bill includes three nights in a hospital or hotel, ground transportation, prescription medications, pre- and post-operative testing, four bariatric surgeons, two anesthesiologists, and more.

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If you struggle with obesity and related medical conditions, gastric sleeve can help you regain control of your health and quality of life. Dr. Alvarez is a certified bariatric surgeon with over 1,500 five-star reviews and was named a Master Bariatric Surgeon by the Surgical Review Corporation. Our entire team at Endobariatric is fluent in English, and our state-of-the-art facility is only eight blocks from the United States Border.

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