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World-Renowned Bariatric Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Mexico

Lose the Weight AND Keep It Off with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It’s not just the number between our toes. It’s the monthly doctor’s visit, taking blood work only to find our health is deteriorating more and more… It’s daily medications and side effects… It’s the joint pain and stomach discomfort that can all be solved with a lifestyle transformation.

But despite all the new diets, exercise routines, and New Year’s resolutions, we can never reach that goal. We’re left exhausted, discouraged, and struggling to find any hope of weight loss transformations.

There may not be a “quick fix” for weight loss — but there is plenty of hope, thanks to Dr. Guillermo Alvarez. Affectionately called Dr. A by his patients, Dr. Alvarez is a world-renowned bariatric surgeon who has dedicated his career to helping individuals live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

Dr. A specializes in Bariatric Surgery, specifically vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG or gastric sleeve), and has helped over 20,000 patients lose a significant amount of excess weight and keep it off long-term. With his expertise and dedicated team, this procedure reduces the stomach’s capacity, allowing patients to eat smaller meals and feel satiated sooner.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery Mastered By The Best

Dr. Alvarez achieved SRC accreditation as a Master Surgeon in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery in 2012 and is recognized for his commitment to delivering excellence in patient safety and care. He has mastered this technique to be fast, effective, and affordable.

  • 25-Minute Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • No Long Wait Times to Book
  • Only 4-5 Surgeries Per Day to Assure Top-Quality Care
  • Over 20,000+ Sleeves Done to Date
  • Most Reviewed Doctor Online with Over 1,500 Reviews

Hello, I’m  Dr. Alvarez .

“I do one thing very well. I do gastric sleeves. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal my focus. No kidding myself that I can be good at everything. No trying to conquer the whole world. I just conquer my bit of it. So each day I come in and craft the best sleeves. Use the best quality of surgical materials available worldwide. Craft the stomach with an expert eye. And then, ‘The A-Team’ and I, take care of the rest.” – Dr. Guillermo Alvarez

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Treating you like family, guiding you on your weight
loss journey! Dedicated to helping bariatric surgery
patients achieve a healthier, longer and more prosperous life.

by The Endobariatric Team


Master Bariatric Surgeon

bariatric gastric sleeve surgeon mexico
  • Active international member of ASMBS, IFSO and SAGES
  • Named "Leader in Bariatric Surgery" by Newsweek Magazine
  • Best Selling Author on Amazon
  • Host of the #AskDrA Show on YouTube

Finding Hope with The ‘A’ Team

Deciding to change your life with weight loss surgery is one of the best yet most overwhelming decisions to make. But what makes it more accessible? Selecting the right surgeon to handle your care. Dr. A’s outstanding reputation, 18+ years of experience, and unique certifications qualify him to care for even the most challenging weight loss cases.

Patients travel from all over the world to undergo surgery with him. But even with a busy practice, Dr. Alvarez provides personalized, empathetic patient care.

He will take the time to get to know you and your goals and address all your questions and concerns. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that one of the world’s most trusted bariatric surgeons will be with you every step of the way.

Backed by an extraordinary team of professionals, whom he has dubbed “The A-Team,” Dr. Alvarez designs each treatment plan to encourage steady, sustainable weight loss. With complete access to our team throughout the journey, you’ll be able to keep off the excess weight. Your health and safety are our utmost priorities. We do our best to support you as you work toward your goals.


Take Back Your Body & Your Health

With Bariatric Surgery, we can take back control of our health without being victims of the number between our toes. Bariatric surgery with our world-renowned surgeon can help you achieve lasting weight loss for a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. Get in touch with the A-Team today to learn more!


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