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Why Gastric Sleeve ?

There is no foreign body inside of you
It does not need adjustments or fills
Substantially removes the "hunger hormone" Ghrelin.
A much simpler operation than the gastric bypass

Dr. Alvarez is dedicated to help his bariatric surgery patients achieve dramatic weight loss that leads to a healthier, longer and more prosperous life.

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Mexico Bariatric Surgeon – Dr. Guillermo Alvarez Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, a premier Mexico bariatric surgeon located in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, is passionate about helping patients fulfill their lifelong desire of attaining better health and a more fulfilling lifestyle. Dr. Alvarez has several years of experience and extensive training in weight loss surgery, which makes him exceptionally qualified to perform bariatric procedures such as Lap Band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.

Dr. Alvarez dedicates his practice to helping his Mexico bariatric surgery patients achieve dramatic weight loss that leads to a healthier, longer and more prosperous life. Following weight loss surgery, many of Dr. Alvarez’s patients are soon able to enjoy the benefits and joys of life that they previously could not while suffering from obesity. An improved love life, a more active lifestyle and the ability to enjoy quality time with friends and family are just some of the few positive changes that you will experience after weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Visit our state-of-the-art Mexico weight loss surgery center to begin your journey toward a new, healthy life. Contact Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, renowned Mexico bariatric surgery specialist, today at 1-866-MY-SLEEV.

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Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial / Gastric Sleeve (Vsg)

120 Lbs Gone In 10 Months With The Gastric Sleeve

Respiratory Therapist

Here, our patients talk about their options for medical treatment, the process of recovery and their life changing experience at the Endobariatric center for weight loss surgery.

Visit our video section to get more information about the procedure, the diet, and some stories from patients. Dr. Alvarez has one if the biggest video galleries related to the gastric sleeve surgery.
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FAQ's: Resleeve

FAQ's: Resleeve

Hello and welcome to our frequently asked questions. I'm doctor alvarez with and on this episode we'll talk about sleeving the sleeve. That's right we're talking about re-sleeving. This is a question I get more and more often especially from patients with large sleeves, large bougies used in​ ​their​...

Enfermedades causadas por la obesidad.

Enfermedades causadas por la obesidad.

Para nadie es un secreto que la obesidad es una de las principales causas de muerte en el mundo y por eso es que es tan importante que cuidemos nuestra alimentación, no sólo para vernos bien físicamente, sino también para gozar de buena salud y no padecer ninguna de las...

Gastric Sleeve VS Lap Band

Gastric Sleeve VS Lap Band

To understand some of the key differences between lap band and gastric sleeve surgery, it is important to understand the fundamentals of each procedure. Lap Band Surgery Lap Band surgery is perhaps the most well-known form of bariatric surgery. This procedure involves the use of an adjustable gastric banding device...

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