Before & after gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico

Annual Patient Reunions with Dr. Alvarez

Slideshows from Dr. Alvarez’s annual patient reunions.

Dr. Alvarez’s 4th Annual Patient Reunion 2011

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Dallas Obesityhelp Event And Reunion 09

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1st Annual Reunion 2008

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2nd Annual Reunion 2009

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5th Patient Reunion With Dr. Alvarez 2012

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Melissa Invites You To Dr. Alvarez’s Patient Reunion 2012

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Annual Gastric Sleeve Patient Reunion 2010

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Patient Reunion 2018 Webinar

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Patient Reunion 2017 Webinar

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Latest articles from our blog.
19 February

Time is Money: Time-Saving Tips for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Patients

Some VSG time-savers are obvious: buy packaged snacks, pick up a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, and/or subscribe to a meal-delivery service. They’re all great ideas when you don’t mind spending a bit more money in order to save some precious time. But if you’re looking for additional shortcuts for your vertical...

12 February

Money-Saving Tips to Cut the Cost of Your Gastric Sleeve Diet

Your gastric sleeve surgery cost may be in the rearview mirror, but you still have bills to pay, right? If you’re in the stage of life where saving money is a must—or you’re just a naturally thrifty person—this is the blog for you. Many potential patients assume that the VSG...

05 February

When Your Partner Doesn’t Support Gastric Sleeve Surgery

You’ve done the research and made the decision that vertical sleeve gastrectomy is right for you. The only thing holding you back is your spouse, who isn’t on board. So now what? It’s not an uncommon problem. But before you decide to proceed without their approval, try to address his...

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