Before & after gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico

The Surgeries

Dr. Alvarez demonstrates and explains the technical aspect of the surgeries.

Hiatal Hernia repair during Gastric Sleeve

** Individual results may vary

Gastric Sleeve With Tumor

** Individual results may vary

Eroded Gastric Band Narrated By Dr. Alvarez

** Individual results may vary

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Narrated By Dr. Alvarez (High R)

** Individual results may vary

Gastric Sleeve With Hiatal Hernia Repair

** Individual results may vary

Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Vsg) Perfromed By Dr. Alvarez

** Individual results may vary

Lap Band Surgery

** Individual results may vary

Splenic Vessel Dissection

** Individual results may vary

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22 September

Is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Pre-Op Diet Really That Bad?

Yes. Or no. Does that help? The truth is that I’ve heard the gastric sleeve pre-op diet described as everything from “horrible” to “a breeze”. Your experience will be your own, though some things tend to be pretty common during this period. But first, let’s take a quick look at...

15 September

Learning What “Full” Feels Like After Gastric Sleeve

Before vertical sleeve gastrectomy, many patients are completely out of touch with what it means to be (healthily) full. Depending on their habits and physical/psychological issues, some eat until they feel like they’ll explode, while others have rarely felt full in their lives. So part of the recovery process after...

08 September

Can Gastric Sleeve Surgery Help with Food Addiction?

Many people who seek out gastric sleeve surgery are more than food lovers; they’re food addicts. And, having lived with this very real disorder for years, it’s understandable that patients wonder whether the procedure will have any effect on their ability to control their interactions with food. The short answer...

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