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Mexico’s Top Bariatric Surgeon Helps Eliminate Weight Related Illnesses

Aren’t you tired of the sleep apnea, the diabetes, the gastroparesis, high blood pressure, joint pain and not being able to enjoy life to the fullest? Well, your friend, coworker or family member cares enough about you to have referred you to Dr. Alvarez and the gastric sleeve surgery team here at Endobariatric.

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top gastric sleeve surgeon mexico

Dr. Alvarez Is Mexico’s Most Referred Weight Loss Surgeon

If you are here, it’s probably because you heard of Dr. Alvarez and his practice by some friends or family members. Word of mouth travels fast and living with the internet, it travels even faster. We appreciate you being here and wanting to learn more about Dr. Alvarez and his practice. Before going into detail, let’s summarize why your friends or family members came to Dr. Alvarez in the first place. Here are just few reasons why people are coming to Dr. Alvarez.
best bariatric surgery mexico

Reasons To Choose Dr. Alvarez For Bariatric Surgery

  • Sleeve gastrectomy is the ONLY surgery Dr. Alvarez performs and focuses on.
  • Over 1500+ 5-Star patient reviews on
  • Results are backed by Dr. Alvarez’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Author of 6 gastric sleeve books on Amazon in 2 languages.
  • He is 1 of only 12 Master Bariatric Surgeons worldwide with the Bariatric Surgeon of Excellence designation.
  • Featured on Newsweek and ABC News.
  • Dr. Alvarez has performed over 17,800 Gastric Sleeve surgeries since 2006.
  • Unlike other centers, Dr. Alvarez ONLY performs 3-4 surgeries per day.
  • Quality and safety are the number 1 priority.

If you would like to know if this procedure is right for you to feel free to contact us. The best thing to do is fill out our short health history form and Dr. Alvarez himself will let you know via a video email.

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Every week we have medical professionals come in for their sleeve surgery.

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