The Gurgling Sleeve Sounds

Is it normal to have gurgling in the throat or burning in the throat and ears 9 months after getting sleeved? 


Can you believe that was the very first question I answered on Episode 1 of The #AskDrA Show. That very first show was shown on YouTube at the end of June 2015 and since then…Wow, just wow. I am having so much fun helping educating those who wish to know more about the gastric sleeve procedure.

So back to the question of the gurgling sounds.

The gurgling sensation, that noise you hear or feeling you have, or notice, is a frequent sign your sleeve is swollen.

What can be done about the gurgling?

In most cases, the gurgling can be cleared up with a simple over the counter antacid. Yep, a round of antacids for about 10-15 days and the noise and sensation will go away.

What causes the noises?

Think of it this way…your sleeve has made your stomach smaller which creates a tighter space for food and liquid to pass through, which causes the gurgling sound. It’s like pouring liquid into a funnel, the smaller the funnel, the slower the liquid goes down. Now mix food into the equation. The antacids help reduce the restriction, help eliminate the noises and help balance out the acids in your stomach which tend to make the gurgling sounds.

Is it normal?

Yes it is and you should expect it. It’s just your sleeve reacting to or nomalizing to your daily habits again.

Should I have an Upper GI Endoscopy performed? 

No…well, if you want the pleasure of having a tube stuck down your throat and into your stomach only to be told that your sleeve is slightly swollen, which you most likely knew. Then given a prescription which is mostly going to be an antacid, an acid reducer or even a PPI (protein pump inhibitor). I would encourage to you to try the 10-15 day round of antacids first as it normally clears up the gurgling and is a lot cheaper and less stressful.

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