Building Trust with Social Media

I’ve been called the Social Media Gastric Sleeve Doctor

a title I handle with great honor.

Let me explain…


Over the last decade people have asked me why I use social media when their other doctors rarely do. My answer is always the same…I believe in creating trust. The more you know about me, my services and how I live my life…the more you can see I’m a real person and just as human as you. 


You see, some doctors, especially those trained in the States,  lack a sense of being being social outside of the office.They distance themselves from their patients in hopes that they don’t become emotionally attached. Maybe, they believe that putting themselves “out there” will result in people not respecting them as much, or maybe they think they will reveal too much information, or that their competitors will see who their followers are. Not me! 


I embrace social media. I believe it helps build that bond and creates a fantastic relationship between doctor and patient that goes beyond the office. Yep, 10 years and over 9000 patients and I consider every single one of them as my friend. 


But it goes beyond even my patients…social media has allowed me to educate, entertain and engage those who want to know more about the gastric sleeve procedure. It helps me reach out to those thinking about weight loss surgery. I can answer their questions in real time.


Facebook and Twitter are the more popular networks that people follow me on, there they can see my videos, my Motivational Monday posts, the Transformation Tuesday before/after pictures of patients who have lost weight with the gastric sleeve, my blogs such as this one, testimonials, reviews and lots of great tips to keep followers informed.


Instagram and Pinterest are where we share more pictures of our facility, great food recipes, exercise routines, health, motivation and other cool stuff.


On our YouTube channel you’ll discover The #AskDrA Show where I answer questions submitted by fans. You can also watch the hundreds of testimonials, patient interviews, webinars, actual surgery footage and so much more.


And through SnapChat – username: gmoalvarez, you have the ability to go “behind the scenes” so to speak, and follow my adventures where I go. You’ll discover what I eat, what I drink, the music I listen to, how I stay in shape and why I’m passionate about helping you.


That’s right! My goal is to be there for you when you need me. When you have questions, when you need advice, when you just want to know more about staying thin and healthy…all you have to do is click. Yep, click on the social network you prefer and follow us. It’s that easy. 


So, if your doctor or medical facility prefers not to post to social media, not be part of your life in anyway, that doesn’t see the value in developing a relationship with you, maybe that doctor or facility isn’t right for you. 


Because honestly in today’s social world isn’t it refreshing to know that you can reach out and ask your doctor a question in real time and get a response. Or know that they too are living the exact life they post about. It’s all about trust.