Diabetes and The Gastric Sleeve

Obesity is the number one concern patients have when coming to me in regard to their weight loss surgery. They want to be thinner, healthier and more energetic. The number two concern that my patients have is reducing or eliminating their weight related illnesses. 


Of those illnesses, diabetes is at the top of that list of concerns.


About 8.5% of the world’s population now suffers from diabetes. Sadly, 25% of those diagnosed as obese will be affected with diabetic symptoms. 


They turn to me for answers…and if the gastric sleeve will help them.


They want to know how they can reverse the effects or reduce the amount of insulin or just live a normal life. 


The first thing I focus on is reducing the weight, that’s where the gastric sleeve surgery comes in. 


After patients receive their gastric sleeve procedure they start to experience more energy, an increase in metabolism and a reduction in weight. It’s that energy, metabolism and weight loss that changes how the body processes, stores and uses food.


A person that currently has Type 2 diabetes, will typically develop worsening insulin resistance with weight gain. The more weightthe more need for insulin or insulin related products. 


Type 1 diabetics are a little different. Their need for insulin is typically not caused by weight. In the case of Type 1 diabetes the pancreas has basically lost the ability to produce insulin and the patient needs to take insulin on a daily basis.


How can the gastric sleeve help those with diabetes?


Well, in terms of quality of life…diabetics who elect to have gastric sleeve surgery will achieve better glucose control. That assessment is based on my personal medical experience performimg over 9000 surgeries and research conducted from other surgeons around the globe.




A recent study revealed that patients who underwent gastric sleeve surgerywere more than three times more likely to gain control over their diabetesafter one year. 


As the patient slowly drops the weight their body becomes more in-tune with regulating blood sugars which means less insulin needed for Type 1 diabetics and sometimes no insulin at all for Type 2 diabetics. Less weight also means less stress on the body,lower blood pressure andreduced risk for heart attacks


Diabetics know the frustrations of blood sugar highs and lows, the countless needle pricks to test their blood and the intake of pills or injections of insulin that account for their daily routine. 


Whether the approach is surgery, diet, exercise or a combination…my goal is to educate first. I strive to give my patients all the options that could help improve their health and well-being. This is the very reason I have so many videos on my YouTube channel, blogs on my website, webinars and educational materials…my goal is to make sure my patients are well-informed. 


If you’ve been diagnosed as chronically overweight and diabetic, I would encourage you to discover as much as possible about the gastric sleeve procedure so that you’re informed and knowledgable about improving your health, controlling your blood sugars and preventing weight related illnesses.