Amy’s Story & Review of The #AskDrA Book

Thank you for giving me the chance to preview The #AskDrA Book.


The first and best thing I can say about it, “What a great, quick and extremely informative read it is!” I was excited to receive the email informing me I was chosen to review a copy of the book but had to wait to open it until my company left. I decided to take a peek at the book before going to bed and quickly found myself deep into the chapters. I kept thinking, oh just one more page and before I knew it I had finished the whole thing. So well done!


I believe one of reasons the book flowed so well for me was because I am a former patient of Dr. Alvarez and living the sleeve life.


Following the sleeve surgery Dr. Alvarez gives you a copy of his first book as you are discharged. This book becomes your bible as you recover from surgery and begin your weight loss journey. That book was also a quick and easy read and extremely informative. I can honestly say that having that book was like having Dr. Alvarez as my personal physician. It was clear that Dr. Alvarez had done his homework, and compiled all the questions and concerns his patients had faced throughout the years pre and post op. His genuine concern for helping patients achieve their goals was evident in how thorough the book was. The combination of content and writing style made it feel like I was just having a conversation with the doctor.


The #AskDrA Book is a wonderful companion to the first book, as it serves to answer the majority of questions facing the post Gastric Sleeve surgery patient. I would go as far as saying it’s a great way for Dr. Alvarez to reassure all of us “sleevers” who occasionally have questions along the way. Are we doing this right, are we hurting our sleeve, what can we eat or not eat and are hiccups common? The list is endless. This new book addresses all of it. It is like the conversation continues.


I’d like to mention just a few words on Dr. Alvarez himself. My first knowledge of Dr. Alvarez was 2 years ago when I had visited LA and saw a friend of mine who had been a patient of his. Prior to my visit I had not been aware of her gastric sleeve surgery and was floored when I saw her. The transformation was incredible.


Of course, my questions began immediately. How? What? When did this happen? That was the first time I had ever heard of the gastric sleeve and Dr. Alvarez. It took 2 years for me to get enough courage to take the plunge but once I committed to the surgery date I was excited. The entire experience has been wonderful, from the first email to the post op question I emailed Dr. Alvarez weeks after my surgery.


Unfortunately, I have had my share of surgeries here in the States from total knee replacement to having my gall bladder removed plus about 7 others. I can honestly say that without question, my experience with Dr. Alvarez and his staff was by far the best surgical procedure I’ve ever had. My obsession with weight loss had seemed to consume me over the past 10 years so I entered this journey 100% confident I was doing what was best for me. With that said because the idea of surgery out of the country has just a negative connotation to it I decided to only tell 3 people about my trip. Best decision I ever made, second only to deciding to have the gastric sleeve surgery. I didn’t want anyone trying to talk me out of it based on in substantiated fear.


I would 100% recommend the surgery to anyone who struggles with their weight and wants to change their life. Of course, once sleeved you have to do your part and follow Dr. Alvarez’s instructions but if you do, you are well on your way to a healthier, happy new you. Dr. Alvarez’s commitment to his patients is unwavering! My only regret would be that Piedras Negras is so far from my home and therefore I won’t have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Alvarez again. Although, if I had the money to help my 28 year old son afford the surgery I would be his surgery companion and introduce him to Dr. Alvarez myself. I know having The Gastric Sleeve as a tool for weight loss and taking back his life would change my son’s life. Maybe that’s the biggest compliment or endorsement there is for Dr. Alvarez, I would trust him with my child.


I can’t thank you enough Dr. Alvarez, although I am only 3 months out I know my gastric sleeve will serve me well the rest of my life.


Amy Linskie, Hershey PA