The #AskDrA Book: Coming Soon!

Over the last 9 months we’ve taken your questions and used them to make The #AskDrA Show a huge success.

Hundreds of gastric sleeve, weight loss and health related questions covering 40 plus episodes so far. 


It’s been exciting to say the least. We’ve filmed in Dubai, Boston, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, in my office, the OR and even my backyard. We even made a Christmas edition and a blooper reel.


Yes, it’s been fun.


The feedback from the viewers has been overwhelmingly positive. And the submissions of new questions for the show continues to grow and grow. 


I’ve shared answers about the gurgling sounds, alcohol consumption, chewing gum, what vitamins to use, carbs, supplements, protein shakes, e-cigarettes and hiccups. I even touched on vegan diets, cancer, resleeving, gallstones, dumping syndrome, acid blockers and more.


Yep, if someone has a question in regard to their health, diet, exercise routine or even mindset when it comes to weight loss surgery, I’ve covered it or will eventually cover it on the show.


But since not everyone watches YouTube videos or follows us on Facebook, I decided to bring all those questions and answers to them. Not on a video, not a social media post…but in writing. 


You see, I’m excited to announce my new book based on the first 26 episodes of The #AskDrA Show.


We set the book up in an easy to read style, that compliments the show but adds its own unique character and acts as a “take anywhere” guide to help you on your journey.


The book is almost finished. Currently, it’s going through the editing process and having a cover designed.


I’m looking for 10 beta readers who would be willing to read the book and give a testimonial that I can use in The #AskDrABook, for social media and for marketing purposes.


If interested in being a beta reader, here’s what you need to do and it’s really simple!


Either post to FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag#AskDrABook

Example: “Yes, Dr A count me in… #AskDrABook” or “I would love to be a Beta Reader for the #AskDrABook”… something along those lines…just remember to use the hashtag or we can’t find you. 


Or send me a SnapChat – my username is gmoalvarez. 

My staff will gather all the names of those interested and select 10 names at random. They will be sent a digital copy of the book to read and critique. They will also receive a complimentary printed and autographed copy of The #AskDrABook when it becomes available. 


Oh, and if you missed any episodes of the #AskDrA Show you can catch up on our YouTube channel at    


To join over 20,000 happy fans on our Facebook page visit us at


“Changing Lives…One Sleeve, One Show, One Book At A Time!”