Explaining To Friends and Family Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Mexico

I receive thousands of questions every month from those thinking about gastric sleeve surgery…

…and the one that seems to come up every week is,How do I explain to friends and family that I’m having gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico?

In fact, just the other day the same question was posted to the Endobariatric Facebook Group page and the poster goes on to wonder… My surgery is next month and my immediate family and fiance are 100% supportive, but a few of my friends and some family look at me like I’m insane when I tell them.

What’s nice about the Facebook group page is that some of my previous sleeve patients will sometimes respond before I do and answer those questions.

Here’s what Dorothy Clark shared as her reply,“When they invariably asked what hospital “I’m in Atlanta, so many options), I said just as brightly and as chipper as I could, “I’m going to Mexico!!!” When they asked why on earth would I want to go there, I just said right off, “because they have been performing the sleeve in Mexico longer than they have here and THE best surgeon I coud find was Dr. Alvarez.” I would add, ” and his hospital is only a mile into Mexico, just across the border from Eagle Pass, TX.” All that satisfied every single person with whom I spoke. Never a question after that. Best wishes on your journey!”

Fear, misconceptions and horror stories…yes, I’ve heard them all.

Sadly, those same fears, misconceptions and horror stories are what people seem to think about when you mention Mexico. Cheap medicine, cut rate surgery and a lot of No habla ingles (that’s… “I don’t speak english”) make for confusing and misleading reasons why most people hearing “surgery in Mexico” cringe.

At Endobariatric we use the same high quality materials and equipment found in US hospitals, we never skimp on cheap medicine and my staff all speak English. By the way, the gastric sleeve procedure is the only surgery we perform. Yes that’s right, while other facilities will offer every type of weight loss surgery imaginable we only perform the gastric sleeve procedure. And, with over 11000 happy patients our track record is one of the best.

Here’s the top 10 responses from members of the Endobariatric Facebook Group when it comes to “Explaining to Friends Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Mexico”…

  • Don’t tell them
  • Find out how many gastric sleeve procedures your American doctor perform compared to Dr Alvarez
  • Tell them it’s near “Eagle Pass” in Texas
  • It’s your journey, your friends need to accept that.
  • You want the best weight loss surgeon, he just happens to be in Piedras Negras, Mexico
  • You did your homework and research and Dr Alvarez and Endobariatric was the top choice
  • If you truly care about me, don’t sabotage my efforts.
  • My body, my life, my choice
  • Thanks for worrying, but I’ll be fine.
  • Wait until after you’ve had the surgery and just show people the results.

Now if in conversation your friends want to know more details about your upcoming surgery please show them my website, invite them to my YouTube channel and tell them to visit the many social networks we are on. Help them learn more about your weight loss journey, give them reasons why surgery in Piedras Negras is a fantastic option.   

To learn more about the benefits of the gastric sleeve procedure and to read hundreds of testimonials from past “sleevers” (those who have received the gastric sleeve surgery) visit the Endobariatric website at www.Endobariatric.com. Or follow Dr A and the Endobariatric team on social media (FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest & YouTube). And if you use Snapchat you can connect directly with Dr A and follow his adventures in and out of the OR and “behind the scenes” of the hospital, at meet & greets and on his travels. Enter his username: gmoalvarez into Snapchat to connect.