Making It Easy For You To Decide

Contemplating weight loss surgery is an emotional struggle for many of my patients. Trying to find the right information is frustrating and sometimes downright exhausting. What advice do you follow? Who can you trust to give you the best information? What do others have to say?

My goal has always been to educate first, regardless if you are a patient or not.

On a recent Google Hangout video I did with a few patients this what Thorne Barbour had to say… “I started looking online, what people did for an option(referring to gastric sleeve weight loss surgery). The more research I did, the more Dr Alvarez’s name was mentioned. So I started doing my homework. One of the things I was most impressed about was the amount of information and education provided by Dr Alvarez. It didn’t matter if we were going to be his patients or another doctor’s patients. I like the fact that information was being offered.

When I opened Endobariatric in 2006 I had no idea of the amount of lives I would change, now 9 years and over 8000 happy patients, I feel blessed I was able to help so many.

Trudy Blankenship shared this on Facebook, “Eighty pounds gone and feeling amazing!

Trudy’s testimonial is just one of thousands shared on our website and social networks. And like most of the testimonials they tell a story of lives being changed.

It’s just not my patients who send these inspiring testimonials, I receive letters and videos and posts from non-patients who say because of the amount of information and educational materials my team and I are constantly assembling they know what to look for and how to approach their family, their doctor and their friends with questions.

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

In layman’s terms it’s when the left side of the stomach is removed. This results in a stomach roughly the size of a banana. A smaller stomach means you eat less and your body weight in some cases drops substantially.

Besides looking and feeling amazing, some of my patients have reported that their all around health has improved. Better flexibility in their knees and ankles, cholesterol has reduced, high blood pressure is normalized, Type 2 diabetes is under control, breathing is easier and motivation to go out and conquer the world are just some of the many positive side effects of the gastric sleeve surgery.

Did a 5k mud run with my daughters”, Tina Walters shared that post on the Endobariatric Facebook group page the other day. Just goes to show what you can do with the right tools in place. Yes, gastric sleeve surgery is a tool. It will help you win back control of your life so you can enjoy it with friends and family.

There are lots of options when it comes to bariatric surgery, I strive to make it easy for you to decide, with tons of educational materials before, during and after surgery. If you ever have a question my team and I are always available to help.

For those still thinking “is the gastric sleeve” right for me? I invite you to come join me on my YouTube channel and discover the hundreds of life changing videos that will melt your heart. Videos of questions and answers, personal journeys, podcasts, video and audio testimonials and transformational before and after photos.

“Changing Lives…One Sleeve At A Time”