You Get What You Pay For

Time and time again I hear stories of people who opted for discount surgery only to spend ten times the amount or more having the cheap surgery corrected. Some even elected not to use our service because they deemed us too expensive.

Yes, it breaks my heart. I understand the desire to save money is always a factor. We want to feel like we are getting a good deal, one we can afford. Unfortunately, your body is the last place to skimp on price.

What’s ironic is some of these people will spend more hours researching what goes into their bodies than what doctor will perform the procedure to help them regain a healthier life. They will take their automobile to the finest mechanic because they believe staying safe while driving is paramount, yet when it comes to themselves staying safe, they forget they are worth more than their car or truck.

They play “let’s make a deal” with their life and hope they don’t run into complications later. Weight loss surgery is not something you want to entrust to a cheap doctor. You should do your homework prior to deciding if the doctor is right for you. How many surgeries has the doctor performed? Where has he studied? What do the facilities look like? Can you talk to the doctor prior to scheduling surgery? How about talking to your doctor after surgery or having him available 24/7? What does the price include? What disposable materials do they use? Do they even use disposable materials or do they reuse material?

Just by asking a few questions you can start to learn why price should never be the only concern you have. Knowing more about your doctor and what his patients have to say will give you an idea of his or her character.

When it comes to price where do we stand? To be honest we are about half of what doctors in the United States charge and double what most doctors in Tijuana charge. But if you’re attracted to advertisments that say you can get gastic sleeve surgery for $3,500- $5,000 be careful and do your homework. Remember you get what you pay for!

So why is Endobariatric more expensive than other Mexican facilities?

The answer is simple…we care enough about our patients to use only the highest quality instruments, the best disposable materials available (same ones used in major hospital systems in the US), provide the cleanest facilities, the friendliest staff and provide educational materials before and after the surgery. Plus, we only schedule a few surgeries per day so our focus is on the health and safety of the patient.

But don’t take my word for it, do your own research. On our website, social pages and YouTube videos you’ll discover hundreds of client testimonials all glad they made the decision to come to Piedras Negras to have their gastric sleeve surgery.

Recently I did an Google Hangout with a group of “sleevers” (term for patients who have had the gastric sleeve surgery) and during the video chat Katie from Canada said “you want to find the best doctor, who does the best job…location or price should never be a factor”.

Here’s a recent testimonial from Tessa Brasher who posted on the Endobariatric Facebook page…                             “Celebrating 4 year surgiversary today! Ran Disney 10k yesterday and having a great weekend with a dear friend and sleeve sister. I would’ve never dreamed I could have so much energy and feel so healthy. Thank you so much Dr. Guillermo Alvarez for changing my life, your continued encouragement, and giving me a wonderful tool to better my heath. I am forever grateful!”

That’s exactly what I help patients do…change their lives…for the better.

You get what you pay for! Your life is too precious to gamble with cheap prices, make your life worth investing in.