July 7, 2014 ObesityChat Podcast

Dr. Alvarez goes live answering questions about weight loss, surgery and other alternatives to resolve obesity including the gastric sleeve. www.endobariatric.com On this episode Dr. Alvarez answers the following questions: Do you eventually lose the acid reflux? Does it go away long term with gastric sleeve patients? Does the 5 day pouch test does it work after having sleeve gastrectomy? Is it common to develop anemia after weight loss surgery? Can this slow your weight loss down? I’m 3 year out, why I’m gaining weight again? Does weight loss surgery cause memory loss or fogginess, and hair loss? Does weight loss often lead to an increase in the desire for other stimulants like cigarettes or coffee or sugar since food is of less interest? Will this hurt me in the future and why if I’m not having so many calories (around 400-500) a day, is my weight starting to halt? Is enteric coated baby aspirin OK for post VSG for cardiac prophylaxis? Has anyone ever been resleeved? You recommend a certain percentage ratio of protein to fat to carbs? What are some good protein choices that are lower in fat besides tuna and jerky? Can you explain the difference between carbs and sugars on a food label? How can I get enough protein? How long do we have to take Prilosec, Zantac…etc. after surgery as a regime? How long do we wait before having a glass of wine, a mixed drink, etc. After surgery? How about gum? What happens if you accidentally swallow a piece? Should gastric sleeve patients be worried about performing colon hydrotherapy? Are there contraindications? I’d like to know what your thoughts are on free form amino acid tablets… Can they be a substitute for protein? How much of 60-70 gm of protein is our body actually absorbing or excreting? Can you talk a bit about stretching the gastric sleeve? Follow Dr. Alvarez: www.Endobariatric.com www.facebook.com/endobariatric www.DrAlvarezTV.com www.youtube.com/endobariatric www.twitter.com/endobariatric www.google.com/+Endobariatric www.pinterest.com/endobariatric