Holidays and Your Sleeve

The holidays are probably one of the biggest hardships to overcome right after having bariatric surgery.

While everyone else is indulging in the festive foods, you are being quietly critiqued as the non-conformer. Some of your relatives might be privy to your weight loss journey, others probably don’t have a clue.

Family gatherings turn into a question and answer session of why you aren’t eating. They wonder if you are feeling alright? You don’t seem to be your normal self. Do you share your story with those that don’t know or just continue to keep it a secret?

For my over 9000 patients the holidays are the ultimate test of fortitude and strength of heart. You know that moment you eat in excess it won’t jive with your dreams of being healthier or thinner. And, just remember your past habits lead you to seek out the gastric sleeve procedure, so allow your sleeve to help guide you in right direction.

Don’t be tempted. I know it’s a struggle. I also know that you can do it.

Yes, those meals and desserts look amazing…but think about how amazing you’ll look in just a few short months.

So here’s 7 tips…

that will help you overcome

those holiday food challenges.


1) Have the party at your house.

 You’ll have more control over your food choices and be more comfortable with your surroundings.

2) Bring your own dish.

  If going to someone else’s home bringing your own dish will at least give you something to eat that conforms to your needs and help you stay on track with your goals.

3) Avoid the richer entrees.  

 Filling up with water 45 minutes prior to eating or starting your meal by consuming soups and vegetables can make craving those non bariatric foods less appealing.

4) Eat slow.  

When you eat at a slower pace, you are less likely to overeat.

5) Rely on a diet partner.  

Having someone to share your food restrictions makes staying healthy less daunting and keeps you accountable to your goals.    (Want to be an “Endo Buddy” and help a fellow sleever be accountable? Let us know!)

6) Cut your portions in half.  

Remember your stomach is a lot smaller now, so you don’t need as much food to feel full.

7) Listen to your stomach.

The moment you feel full stop eating. Just because your eyes and head think something looks amazing, you need to listen to what your stomach is doing. Your sleeve is the tool that will help you become thinner and healthier…learn to listen to it.



Oh, and remember to exercise during the holidays. Even if it’s just taking a walk, the exercise will help boost your metobolism to keep you fit and firm.

I know you can do it. I believe in you.

If you have questions or concerns we are always a phone call or chat message away.