Support Questions Before and After Surgery

Usually, more information is better, especially when it comes to procedures like VSG. But there are some situations where not knowing absolutely everything can actually be beneficial. As anyone who’s ever had gastric sleeve in Mexico with Endobariatric can tell you, our medical team gives out lots of information. Lots. We tell you what to expect every step of the way, and then we offer lifetime support and advice after you’ve returned home. Lack of information will never be a problem. But here’s my advice about managing all of the facts—and the not-so-factual data—coming at you.

The problem: You’re worried about tolerating the next step of food reintroduction.

The solution: Take it one phase at a time.

After a gastric sleeve, it’s crucial to reintroduce liquids and foods at the prescribed pace. Your stomach has been through a lot, and rushing to “get back to normal” will do nothing but cause problems. Here’s the good news, though: I break everything down into easy-to-follow guidelines so my patients know exactly when they’re allowed to reintroduce everything from gelatin to chicken. Over the course of many (many!) years of exclusive sleeve practice, we’ve honed a post-op plan designed to make everything painless—literally and figuratively. But other doctors don’t necessarily advise their patients in a similar manner, so patients from other practices may have stories about pain, nausea, and vomiting during the reintroduction phase. It’s because they’re either not following their doctor’s orders, or their doctor isn’t offering the kind of guidance that we do at Endobariatric. And if you get anxious about the next step, we’re always here to talk you through it.

The problem: Bariatric groups are freaking you out.

The solution: Stick with the Endobariatric support group on Facebook.

When you’re booked for VSG through Endobariatric, you’re given access to one of the best tools available: our private, patient-driven Facebook group. It’s a phenomenal place to seek support, glean information from fellow sleevers, and keep yourself accountable in your weight loss journey. But I can always tell when my patients belong to other online bariatric support groups because I’ll hear things like, “Some patients say recovery was awful…they had to be readmitted…they can’t eat certain foods anymore.” I can’t tell you not to belong to other online bariatric groups, but you’ll save yourself a lot of anxiety if you stick to the Endobariatric support board. Gastric sleeve is all we do, so our expertise is unmatched. Hearing horror stories from patients who go to other doctors won’t do anything but spike your blood pressure about a procedure that’s proven to be both safe and effective.

The problem: You typically don’t do well with surgery recoveries.

The solution: Listen to sleeve brothers and sisters who’ve been there.

If you don’t have anyone in real life who’s had vertical sleeve gastrectomy with me (many of our patients are referrals from previous patients), then the online Endobariatric group can help alleviate this fear. Despite the seemingly-complex procedure—taking out a big section of your stomach and reshaping it—my patients usually recover quickly and easily. “First day of surgery, migraine; next day, went shopping and for a massage,” recalls Endobariatric patient, Misti. And as sleeve veteran Sara can attest, VSG is a cake walk compared to most other surgeries. “I just had gallbladder removal surgery and am almost 2 years post op (from the sleeve). I can honestly say that recovery from VSG was so smooth. Recovery for removal of gallbladder, not so nice,” she says. Most patients are back to work in a week and don’t need much pain medication beyond the first day or two. If you don’t believe me, just hop on the Facebook group and read for yourself!

The problem: You’re afraid you’ll be the one patient who has complications—or fails to lose weight.

The solution: Read some more.

We’re upfront about the potential complications and side effects of gastric sleeve surgery. Our goal is for you to make an informed decision based on your unique situation. Heck, we won’t even perform the gastric sleeve unless you meet certain prerequisites. The reality, though, is that the complication rates of this procedure are very low in general, and they’re even lower at Endobariatric. The other reality is that you will lose weight. It’s nearly impossible not to, with the physical changes created by the surgery. Now, how much weight you’ll lose is entirely up to you and your determination to succeed. All modesty aside, you’re in great hands with our team!

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