Regain Control Of Your Life With This Weight Loss Option

Did you know that more than two-thirds of adults in the United States are now considered to be overweight?

And more than 1 in 20 are considered obese. What’s disturbing is that almost 74% of men are considered overweight.

According to the National Institute of Health over 300,000 people die per year due to obesity and obesity related health issues. That’s scary, don’t you think?

You would think that with all the hundreds of different diet plans out there and the vast amount of educational resources available, obesity would be cured. Well, maybe one day. Unfortunately, high carbohydrate low nutritional prepackaged foods are easily available and make losing weight all but difficult.


So what do you do?

How do you start to lose weight?

How do you become healthier?

Is weight loss surgery an option?


Let me address those 4 questions with one answer…

If you’re obese and suffer from obesity related health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, gastroparesis, sleep apnea and a host of other ailments and the countless diets don’t seem to work for you…I want you to consider weight loss surgery.

You see, over the last decade I’ve helped almost 11,000 patients lose the weight and gain a new lease on life with the help of the gastric sleeve procedure. The gastric sleeve is just one of many weight loss surgery options, but the only we offer here at Endobariatric.

Why? Well, for starters it’s the one I believe gets the best, long lasting results. It’s minimally invasive, doesn’t require adjustment, there is no foreign plastics left inside or around your stomach and doesn’t require rerouting of intestines. And the results… well, let me share with you just a few of the many hundreds of testimonials and you be the judge.


This was a life changing and saving event for me. Dr. A has assembled an amazing professional staff and in my opinion is the top of his profession. He truly cares about each and every one of his patients and their journey. I had my surgery 6 month ago and have lost 90 pounds so far. Dropping this weight makes me feel like I did 20 years ago physically. I snowboarded again this year after 17 years. I feel better today at 65 years old than I did 15 years ago. I was on a half dozen meds for pre-diabetes and blood pressure and heart issues. I am off all of them except the statins and that is 1/2 the dose. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to change their life. Thank you Dr Alvarez.” – Steve Senger, Washington


I made the best decision of my life when I decided to have the sleeve and an even better one when I picked Dr. A for my surgeon. He and his staff are the best. They are there every step of the way. I’m almost 2 years out and I’m still part of the Endobariatric family. My life is forever changed. Thank you so much Dr. A. There has never been a more profession, caring, compassionate team I have ever seen. Best care I could have ever imagined or dreamed of.” – Amanda Derrick, Arkansas


Going to Dr. Alvarez and his team was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I traveled from Oregon and from the moment I landed in Texas I was taken very good care. The Driver, nursing staff, Doctors and other staff made me feel like I was their top priority. Once I was home I was still able to talk with Dr. A on the phone, email and Facebook for any questions I had. I am now almost 8 months out and 104 pounds lighter starting at 344 down to 240. Loving life again with No regrets. Thank you Dr. A” – Sabrina Montano, Oregon


Dr. Alvarez has put together a phenomenal team of surgeons, nursing staff, and assistants making Endobariatric the “Best of the Best” in weight loss surgery. From the moment I contacted Susan for information about the surgery to Rosy dropping us off back at the hotel every detail was covered and very well organized. And my care didn’t stop the minute I left the hospital. For the first 4 weeks Dr. Alvarez emailed me weekly with detailed steps on each phase of my journey. In addition, his assistants messaged me checking on my progress and answering any question I had. I would recommend Endobariatric to anyone considering weight loss surgery! – Nancy Heidlebaugh, Montana

You can read more testimonials on our website, through our Obesity Help online profile, on Google or on our Facebook page.

I would also encourage you to go to our YouTube channel and watch the hundreds of videos we’ve uploaded to help educate, inform and entertain our fans, friends and followers about the benefits of the gastric sleeve surgery. Make sure you watch The #AskDrA Show every week where I share answers to fan submitted questions.

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Don’t let obesity get you down, you can be thin and healthy again. It starts with you taking action. When you’re ready we’ll be here for you.

“Saving Lives….One Sleeve At A Time!”