Exercise and Your Sleeve

For years you’ve been contemplating having the gastric sleeve weight loss procedure.

The one thing holding you back is your dislike of exercise. Lifting weights, running, cross-fit even Zumba doesn’t seem appealing to you. Going to a gym and being ridiculed isn’t something you want to put yourself through either.


Exercising is tough. It’s physical and mental. It requires discipline, determination and desire. But if you’re morbidly obese those qualities will help change your outlook on life.


Yes, it’s recommended that you engage in some type of exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be powerlifting, martial arts or even marathon training…it could just be something such as walking, hiking or even swimming. If you don’t like high impact sports, then try low impact. It’s your choice. Some activity is better than no activity.


It’s that dislike of exercise that slowly caused your body to stop producing the right hormones to keep everything in check. And even though you might have tried a diet plan here and there, it just wasn’t enough to reboot your system and reset your body on a new course.


Resetting Those Hormones


A few weeks after sleeve surgery you will notice changes. These changes are the result of your body responding to the weight that is being lost. Your metabolism is increasing, your energy level rising and your hormones are being regulated and reset.


I see the results in my almost 11,000 patients. As soon as the weight starts to drop off, as a result of the sleeve surgery, those hormones kick in and wham-o…they all want to suddenly start exercising.


Losing Weight Is A Good Thing


Your quality of life improves dramatically when you start losing weight. Besides those hormones kicking in, your need for certain medications drops substantially. I’ve had patients with Type 2 Diabetes no longer need their insulin treatments. Patients with gastroparesis can now eat foods they couldn’t before and those suffering from sleep apnea are able to sleep comfortably at night again without a CPAP machine.


When you combine exercise with your sleeve the benefits are outstanding. I’ve said this before and I will continue to say this, “the gastric sleeve is just a tool”. But that tool, coupled with your desire to be thin and healthy will enable you to live a life full of adventure. And, those adventures require you to stay active. Active means exercise.


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