How to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Lifestyle

As the Endobariatric team discussed in last month’s blog post, regular exercise (along with a healthy diet) is essential to losing weight and keeping it off after gastric sleeve surgery. Exercise also boosts energy levels and produces endorphins to fight anxiety and depression.

Despite the well-established benefits of exercise, many of us have a hard time making time for it during our busy days. Read on as the Endobariatric team shares tips for fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle.

Wake Up Earlier

An easy way to fit exercise into a busy day is to wake up 20 to 30 minutes earlier than you usually do. Use that time to get a quick workout in before you go about your day. You might want to go for a jog or complete a strength training workout using light hand weights. Working out first thing in the morning eliminates the possibility of something during the day getting in the way of a planned workout.

Exercise On Your Lunch Break

Lunchtime is another excellent time of day to squeeze in a quick workout. If there’s a gym nearby, head over for a walk on the treadmill or a fitness class. If you don’t have any facilities nearby, taking a brisk walk around your office suffices.

Combine Exercise With Socializing

If your schedule is packed with social outings and you don’t want to cancel plans with friends, consider making arrangements with them to work out. You can jog or cycle together, or attend a fitness class at a local studio. This allows you to catch up without sacrificing your workout.

Find an Online Workout Program or Build a Home Gym

Thanks to the wealth of online workout programs available today, you can get a great workout at any time of day without leaving your house. This saves you the inconvenience of commuting to the gym and fighting the crowds for popular equipment or machines. Browse YouTube for cardio or strength workouts, or order a few workout DVDs off Amazon. If you love cycling, look into investing in a Peloton bike for at-home cycling workouts on demand; if you love to jog, consider buying a treadmill to keep in a spare bedroom or garage.

Start Your Routine on Sunday

Don’t put off working out until Monday. Get a jumpstart on your week by tackling a gym session or at-home workout on Sunday. This will give you a great sense of accomplishment to buoy you through the week.

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