The Best Advice from Gastric Sleeve Veterans

Every week, I offer prospective and current gastric sleeve patients guidance, tips, and information through these blogs. But this week, I’m going straight to the real expects: experienced sleevers who’ve “been there, done that” and have the advice to prove it.

On life after surgery
“The sleeve is still just a tool. Tools don’t work by themselves. YOU actually have to work with your tool. We all struggle with food addiction, but we have the knowledge, the power, and the tool to make the changes we need to make.”—Kori

“Your relationship with food will change. But it is very real that you will grieve the loss, and you need a healthy support system to honor those feelings and process through it.”—Melissa

“Each day is better and better.”—Darcey

On dealing with sugar cravings
“I just had to stop eating it completely. I noticed a few months after surgery that if I ‘treated’ myself by having even a little bit of sweets, I’d crave it for days after. Once it’s out of my system, I don’t crave it. And I make sure nothing sweet is in my house.”—Julie

“Don’t drink Diet Coke. It makes you crave more. Switch your drink and your cravings will go WAY down.”—Jessica

“When I get off track, I’ll have protein shake for breakfast and lunch the next day. It helps me with the carb monster.”—Dee

On drinking alcohol after surgery
“You’ll want to have a cooler to wrap around it; it’ll be too warm by the time you drink it all. Half a beer is all I can do normally, and I’m eight years out!”—Traci

“Please be very careful when having drinks out for the first time. You may be a lightweight and not know it.”—Tiffaney


On surviving the pre-op diet
“Lots of veggies sautéed in chicken broth…it gives you something to chew on.”—Peggy

“Drink lots of water; if you don’t, your stomach will get upset. Keep your freezer stocked with ice pops. And stock your fridge with different flavored protein drinks.”—Ashley

“I’m freezing a Premier Protein drink, then blending it in my Ninja at night. It seems to help for a snack to eat instead of drinking it. I’ve also done that when it was just cold from the fridge and added ice cubes to blend.”—Debbie

On hitting a stall
“Cut down to under 30 carbs per day. Go back to basics: protein then produce, exercise, and increase fluids.”—Michele

“Track all your food intake to find and remove empty calories from your diet.”—Natoshia

“Try and eat more often and smaller protein-based meals. Also remember that sometimes goal weights from books are not realistic.”—Steve

“I’m four years out and had to shake things up a bit to lose past the 80-pound mark. I began eating 1,300 calories per day because I wanted to weigh 130. I tried eating 130 grams of protein per day and stayed under half of that number in carbs, so 65 carbs per day. I know that seems higher than some recommend, but it helped me feel at peace and definitely doable. I also started doing metabolic type exercise for 50 minutes 3 times per week.”—Tessa

On pre-surgery “musts”
“Bring gas-x strips. The gas makes your whole body painful, not just the typical parts you associate with gas.”—Heather

“Don’t forget the balloon blowing. Keep a handful of those kids’ rubber balloons in your pocket; several times a day, pull one out and blow it up five times. You’ll be surprised how much your lungs will improve just in time for anesthesia!—Marcella

“Relax and enjoy the ride.”—Carol

That’s some good advice, everyone! One of the best reasons to choose Endobariatric for gastric sleeve surgery is the amazing support system in place before, during, and long after the procedure. Your sleeve brothers and sisters—not to mention our staff—will be there to cheer you on and help you move past any obstacle.

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