How to Pay for Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

One of the first—and most common—questions a patient asks is about the cost of gastric sleeve. Along with that is the implied question of, “How am I going to pay for it?” The good news is that if you have the will, Endobariatric can probably help you find a way.


Finding the Money

There are three ways people pay for any medical expense: insurance, upfront self-pay, and financing. Gastric sleeve surgery is an elective surgery, which means it’s something you choose—not something your doctor can order. Because it’s elective, insurance typically doesn’t cover the procedure. And even in the rare case that it does, American-based coverage doesn’t usually extend to surgeries done in other countries (even if the location is right across the border).


And maybe you’ve noticed that even with insurance, there are still a million out-of-pocket costs for surgeries. The total bill for a “covered” procedure can still be thousands of dollars. Although Endobariatric offers state-of-the-art technology, a surgical team with unparalleled experience, and a spa-like hospital, we’ve kept the cost of gastric sleeve to just $8,900. That price, by the way, includes absolutely everything except the gas or plane fare to get here. Your hotel and hospital stay, pre-op and post-op testing, all surgery costs, prescriptions, lifetime nutritional information…it’s all in there. When we say “all inclusive,” we mean it.


By the time you factor in co-pays and deductibles for a surgery that costs $30,000 in the U.S., along with all of the things that aren’t covered by insurance, you might be paying close to the same amount even if you’re covered for elective surgery like gastric sleeve. Endobariatric lets you skip the red tape while enjoying an all-inclusive experience with one of the world’s most-awarded bariatric surgeons (that would be me).


Financing Your Procedure

Maybe you can pay the entire cost all at once. If so, wonderful. But most patients don’t want to wait until they’ve saved up the total amount; they want to start their life-changing transformation now. We connect those patients with Health Assist Finance, an organization that creates payment plans that work for almost any budget. (Note: our Canadian patients have access to Medicard iFinance for similar financing options).


With Health Assist Finance, patients can make a down payment of $3,500 and then pay off the remainder over 18 months. The reimbursement plan, by the way, works out to under $330 a month. Financing through Health Assist is just like getting a loan: They process you, the patient, as a loan client and give you a fairly quick decision about providing credit. Our patients love that Health Assist’s fast turnaround time doesn’t keep them in suspense! After you’re approved, the company pays Endobariatric directly so that you can concentrate on your health, rather than the transaction. Then you simply repay the loan to Health Assist.


We don’t want anyone to miss out on the physical and mental benefits of gastric sleeve surgery. That’s why, if you’re deemed to be a good candidate for the procedure, our team at Endobariatric will help you work through the financial part of it. We’re happy to talk with you any time about all aspects of gastric sleeve, including how to pay for it.


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