5 Reasons to get Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

When researching gastric sleeve options, Mexico has undoubtedly come up as a possible location (you’re on this site, after all!). It’s only smart to consider the pros and cons of each choice, and that starts with getting the facts. Read on for reasons it might make sense to choose Mexico—and Endobariatric, specifically—for gastric sleeve.


Reason #1: Mexico is a Leading Medical Tourism Destination

Medical tourism simply entails seeking medical treatment outside your home country, and Mexico ranks as one of the top destinations for medical tourism. Without a doubt, cost is the biggest selling point. I’ll touch on that more in just a minute, but the numbers are staggering: Gastric sleeve costs about three times more in the U.S. than it does at Endobariatric. Your safety during medical tourism is important, of course, which is why patients love that our Piedras Negras hospital is only one mile across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. In addition, our city is rich in cultural heritage, with historic sites, museums, restaurants, shops, and more for you and your guests to explore.


Reason #2: Thousands of People Have Uneventful Sleeves

When it comes to medical procedures, “uneventful” is the goal. Everyone at Endobariatric works hard to ensure that uneventful is the norm, and our numbers back that up. I only perform two to three sleeve procedures a day so that I can give my full attention to each patient. And because gastric sleeve is the only bariatric surgery I perform—I’ve done 11,500-plus procedures since 2006—I’ve perfected my technique. This specialization, plus my highly skilled surgical team, has led to a complication rate of less than 1 percent. That means that more than 99 percent of my patients don’t experience leaks, nausea, or severe pain—let alone anything more significant.


Reason #3: It Costs Far Less Than in the U.S.

Cost shouldn’t be your only consideration when deciding where to have gastric sleeve, but it’s likely one factor. If you can’t afford it, you can’t get it. That’s why we charge $8,900 USD for a gastric sleeve procedure that can cost $30,000 in the U.S. And our cost includes everything but airfare into San Antonio. There are no hidden costs or surprise charges after you get home. We even offer payment plans to make it more affordable for every budget.


Reason #4: A Better Experience. Period.

Endobariatric isn’t just the best place to have your gastric sleeve done in Mexico; it’s among the top places to have it done anywhere. Yes, our surgical team works at the best hospital in the region and our standards far surpass what Mexico requires. But did you know that our equipment and operating room feature state-of-the-art technology that rivals even the best facilities in the U.S.? Along with a world-class surgical and post-surgical staff, you’ll be our guest in one of 35 private rooms, each with a telephone, cable TV, and a place for your guest to sleep. Oh, and don’t forget the indoor pool.


Reason #5: Dr. Alvarez Will Personally Handle Your Surgery

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but it’s important that you know you’ll be in great hands the entire time. Among the biggest honors of my professional life was being named one of only 11 Bariatric Surgeons of Excellence in the world by the Surgical Review Corporation. I’ve been trained in some of the best institutions on the planet, from the U.S. to France, and am active in many prestigious international bariatric societies. But perhaps my favorite accolades come from my patients, thousands of which have given Endobariatric five-star reviews on the independent ObesityHelp.com site and shared their success stories on our site. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people (11,500 and counting!) safely lose significant amounts of weight. But when you’re in my care, you’re my only priority.


If you would like to learn more about the gastric sleeve surgery and how it can benefit your health, I would encourage you to read as much as you can, especially the articles on the Endobariatric blog, and watch all the episodes of The #AskDrAShow. The show answers hundreds of patient submitted questions that cover a wide range of topics.


I would also suggest visiting our website and discovering what others are saying about us, viewing the hundreds of before and after pictures and reading why Endobariatric is the best option.


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