The #AskDrA Show: The First 10 Episodes

Last week we launched the 10th episode of the #AskDrA show and I am truly humbled by all the fantastic responses from all the wonderful fans. It’s such an honor to be able to do this show. As I shoot footage for new episodes I wanted to recap the last ten shows and share with you some of the many questions that were answered.

But, before I do that…here’s some trivia about the show.

  1. Episode 4 was the only episode so far that was filmed in my back yard.
  2. Episode 6 & 7 costarred Susan our patient coordinator.
  3. Episode 1 was our longest show so far.
  4. Episode 9 was our shortest show so far.
  5. Episode 9 was also live streamed to Twitter using the Periscope app.
  6. If you played the first 10 episodes back to back it would take almost 2 hours to watch.
  7. A total of 40 questions were answered between episodes 1-10
  8. Eight questions were answered on the first episode
  9. A question regarding protein was answered in 3 episodes
  10. Every episode is recorded twice. Once in English and the second time in Spanish.

From the very first episode my goal was to educate, entertain and engage the viewer with answers to real questions asked by real people.

Questions like…what causes the gurgling sounds and what can be done to stop them, why vitamins are important and the frequency you should be taking them, what to buy before coming for surgery, how long after surgery can one go before being adjusted by a chiropractor, what are the main go-to protein sources as a vegan and if being a vegan is a recommendation to patients and is there one “superfood” that you recommend I put into my diet.

In other episodes I’ve answered questions about dizziness, stretching of the sleeve, weight gain, weight restriction, consuming raw vegetables, drinking caffeine, alcohol consumption, complications, carbonated sodas and counting carbs.

In the last four episodes I’ve covered fan submitted questions pertaining to gallstones, acne, electrolytes, reflux, bowel movements, how much to eat, vitamins and going back to the gym.

Yep, lots of questions. And, more to come!


What are the fans saying?

I look forward to each weeks video”- Jackie Koski

I really enjoy these videos” – ScrappyStephy

I wish you had done my surgery! But at least I get to hear your knowledge and advice here.  Thanks” – Sherry Ware

Thank you Dr. Alvarez for sharing this information with all of us, you have no idea how valuable this is.” – Hassan Abouzeid

Great videos and explanations” – ProfessorNurseRae


People who come to me for gastric sleeve surgery want to know everything. They have hundreds of questions on what they can eat, what exercise they can do, how much weight will be lost, how long is surgery and much, much more. But anyone can watch the show, and anyone can submit questions, not just patients.

If you haven’t submitted a question or questions it’s really easy. All you have to do is post your health, diet or gastric sleeve question to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook using the hashtag #AskDrA.


Here’s a few examples:

Does weight loss effect our bones? #AskDrA

Is it true that you shouldn’t consume raw fruits and veggies with the sleeve? #AskDrA

Can you take a fat burner before you work out? I’m 3 months post op. #AskDrA

What exercise routine do you recommend for a newly sleeved patient? #AskDrA


Yep, you have to use the #AskDrA hashtag when posting your questions otherwise we can’t find it. We monitor the hashtag and that’s how we can pick up your questions.

Keep posting the questions and stay tuned for more episodes coming soon. Catch the show on our YouTube channel and also on our Facebook Page.