The Gastric Sleeve: It’s Exclusively What We Do!

Over the last 11 years we have helped over 11,000 patients discover a beautiful way to live life.

A healthier life. A more fulfilling life.

It began with the decision to do something for yourself, to be something more and to achieve something that had been out of reach for so long. I’m talking about a thinner you.


Hi, I’m Dr. Alvarez, my patients call me Dr. A, and along with a dedicated team of highly skilled, super professional and ultra-friendly bariatric doctors, nurses and staff we help people just like you lose the weight through a procedure called vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG).


Vertical sleeve what? Yeah, it’s difficult word to remember if you’ve never experienced what it can do for you. It’s just easier to remember it being called the “gastric sleeve”.


So, what is it? What’s this gastric sleeve all about and how can it truly benefit you? That’s what you really want to know right?


The sleeve gastrectomy is an operation in which a portion of the stomach is surgically removed through laparoscopic surgery. This results in a new smaller stomach which is roughly the size and shape of a banana.


In the process of removing this section of stomach the hormone called Ghrelin, which controls your hunger urges, is substantially removed. So not only do you have a smaller stomach, but the urge to eat like you used to is diminished. The benefit for you is that you are consuming less, losing fat and feeling amazing.


And here’s 7 more awesome advantages that I think you should know about the gastric sleeve.

  1. It does not require disconnecting or reconnecting the intestines (no dumping syndrome).
  2. There is no malabsorption of nutrients therefore avoiding anemia, osteoporosis, protein deficiency and vitamin deficiency.
  3. It is a technically a much simpler operation than the gastric bypass or the duodenal switch.
  4. It’s a relatively quick procedure – our average time is about 25-30 minutes.
  5. There is no foreign body inside of you.
  6. It does not need adjustments or fills (adjustable band patients must come back for fills).
  7. Our technique preserves the entrance to the stomach (lower esophageal sphincter) and also preserves the exit of the stomach (pylorus) which prevents dumping syndrome.


I mention the gastric bypass, the duodenal switch and also the gastric band and yes, these are alternative weight loss surgeries to the gastric sleeve, and other surgeons may offer you choices, but in our experience the gastric sleeve provides a much better result all the way around. That’s why we made it a point long ago to exclusively offer only the gastric sleeve procedure.


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