Prehistoric Dieting And Your Gastric Sleeve

Our stomachs were designed for activity!

And if we go back to prehistoric times, cavemen would chase and hunt all their food. This was their routine every day. If they didn’t chase after their food, they didn’t eat. Sometimes they would starve for days until their next meal. So when the food was plenty they would eat as much as they could.


We have the same stomachs as those prehistoric caveman, it hasn’t changed in hundreds of thousands of years. Yet, we as a culture have. We don’t chase after our food. We go out and buy it. It’s already packaged for us. We have fast food prepared and ready for pick up. The only chasing we do is through a drive through window from places like Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.


Yet, we still act as cavemen thinking this will be our last meal so we eat as much as we can.


We have food at every corner available to us. We don’t starve. It’s there waiting for us, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


So what you eat after weight loss surgery is every important for your long term success. It’s very important for you to understand that you cannot eat big meals like the cavemen used to eat. Now you must think about what is in front of you.

Is it healthy? Is it good? Does it add nutritional value to put in your gastric sleeve?


Remember we are what we eat.


Yeah, but Doc pizza tastes so good.


But once it crosses your neck and goes down into your stomach it becomes a “food” you are giving your body. It provides energy and nutrients and provides fuel to keep you going. So before you grab whatever is in front of you…think about how it benefits your body.


Some people are more vigilant to what their dogs eat than what they themselves eat. That may sound crazy, but they read their pet’s food labels and give their pets supplements, yet they skimp on themselves.


Think about what you are eating.


No, it’s not dieting! And you can’t think of exercise as a chore.


We both know what happens when you hear the words “diet and exercise”, it’s goes in one ear and straight out the other. Instead, think of “diet” as “food” and “exercise” as “activity”.


Sounds simple right?


Well, it can be just that simple…if you allow it to be.


The word “diet” sounds like you are sacrificing something and the word “exercise” sounds like hard work. So instead think of it as “food” and “activity”. You are becoming the person who actively goes after their food source so they stay thin and healthy. But no starving. No caveman dieting either.


Stick with protein and plant-based carbohydrates and your body will thank you.


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