Why Natural Weight Loss Is Harder for Obese People

If you are obese, you have probably heard more times than you care to recall that you should simply put in the effort to lose the weight. As a prominent bariatric surgeon, I can assure you that for many people, there is nothing “simple” about natural weight loss. In fact, obese people will often find it more difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Reasons for that include:

Exercise Is Extra Challenging
Simply put, exercise is more difficult for obese people. The excess weight impedes your ability to perform the very exercises that are meant to help you lose weight. If you cannot get your body to run, stretch and move in a way that efficiently burns calories, it can be quite challenging to actually exercise your way to weight loss.

The Body Fights Against Calorie Restriction
The number one rule when it comes to dieting is to cut your calorie consumption. Unfortunately, that rule can also run counter to your body’s natural survival instinct. It is a natural, biological response for your body to assume that a decrease in calorie consumption is due to food scarcity rather than a conscious choice. To “protect” you, your body will then start deliberately storing its own fat to allow you to survive longer with a limited food supply, which in turn makes it harder to drop those pounds.

Psychological Barriers
Losing weight can also be difficult from a psychological standpoint. Because you have much further to go on a weight loss journey as an obese person, it is easier to become discouraged and want to give up. Natural weight loss is a slow, incremental process, and while that may seem feasible for someone who is 15 pounds above his goal weight, trying to shed 40+ pounds gradually may seem like a non-starter.

Bodies Are Different
After decades of research, scientists no longer believe that all human bodies respond in the same way to calories. The microorganisms in your gut are unique to you, and studies have found that people who eat the same exact meal may save and expel differing amounts of calories. If you find that you put on weight eating the same amount of food as your friends who maintain a healthy weight, your microbiota could be a leading culprit.

Let’s Discuss Your Surgical Options
I have seen how hard it can be for obese people to take off weight in a traditional manner. If you have tried dieting and exercising and are ready to consider a different solution, I would be happy to discuss gastric sleeve surgery with you. To arrange a consultation, please call my staff at 1-800-381-8115.

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