5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring is always a good time for a fresh start. In the spirit of renewal and rebirth, why not consider doing a little “spring cleaning” of your dietary habits?

You do not have to completely overhaul your diet to see positive changes. Even small tweaks can benefit your health and wellness, as long as they are maintainable.

Read on as the Endobariatric team shares five simple ways to spring clean your diet.

1. Ditch the Juice Cleanse or Fad Diet

It’s tempting to turn to a “quick fix” like a juice cleanse or a fad diet to drop a few pounds, especially if you have put on some winter weight. But radical diets are not sustainable, and as soon as you go back to eating a regular diet, you will see all the weight (and possibly some more) come back.

Our team prefers that you eat real foods that nourish, fuel and satiate your body. The key is picking the right foods, eating a variety of foods and controlling your portion size. If you haven’t checked in with your dietician lately, this might be a good time to schedule an appointment.

2. Try a Fruit or Vegetable That Is New to You

Speaking of the right foods, fruits and vegetables are a safe bet for nearly any diet. While you are cleaning up your diet, shake things up and try a fruit or vegetable that is new to you. Shop your grocery store for produce like jicama, rhubarb or kumquats.

3. Remember That Every Bite Counts

Another small change you can make, particularly if you are keeping a food diary or tracking your caloric intake, is to be more mindful about the seemingly small bites or tastes you eat throughout the day. Every bite adds up, even that chicken nugget you ate off your child’s plate, or those bites of macaroni your spouse offered you at dinner.

4. Cook More

If you spent a lot of winter eating out or grabbing take-out, recommit to cooking for yourself and your family. Cooking is healthier and lets you control what you put in your body.

5. Declutter Your Pantry

Sometimes we just don’t have time to stop at the grocery store and we must cook from whatever is in the pantry. To set yourself up for success, declutter your pantry and stock it with healthy options. Throw out or donate any junk food that does not align with your healthy eating goals. When you have the time, head to the grocery store to stock up on pantry staples like canned vegetables and fruit, brown rice and quinoa.

If you would like more information about cleaning up your diet in preparation for bariatric surgery or afterward, Endobariatric invites you to call or email us today.

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