10 Awesome Patient Submitted Reasons To Choose Dr. A & Endobariatric For Your Gastric Sleeve

Every now and again I like to pick some of the patients and showcase their feedback.

It’s our patients who ultimately keep Endobariatric growing. Yes, we do treat you like family and yes, we are constantly trying to keep everyone informed about what’s going on regarding their weight loss surgery. But without awesome patients telling their friends and posting their experiences on social media, we probably wouldn’t be as well-known as we are. And so I’m very thankful for all the positive messages…they brighten our day and bring smiles to our faces.


The Endobariatric team works very hard to make sure your stay with us is phenomenal and we strive to answer all your questions and keep you focused on the goal of being thinner and healthier.


So here’s 10 awesome patient reasons to come to Endobariatric for your gastric sleeve weight loss surgery


  1. After much research I chose Dr. A based on his reputation and facility. I didn’t know anyone else who had been to him previously, much less anyone who had had VSG surgery. I made one of the biggest and best decisions of my life!” – Kristin Hart
  2. I researched the various doctors and decided that Dr. A was the best choice, his reputation, experience and the reviews from former patients was the deciding factor for me. And I wasn’t wrong, I’m not sure how many of the other doctors, and staff, would still be part of my life 9 years later.  When the bowel prep for a routine colonoscopy 2 years ago caused gastric erosions and inflammation, both Dr. A. and Susan were there answering questions and offering advice. They are the best. – Laurie Pringle
  3. I was referred to Endobariatric by a friend of my mothers who had the surgery in Coahuila, Mexico. She told my mom she had great success with her new tool and my mom told me about it. I checked out all of the reviews and all of them were positive. Dr. Alvarez is awesome!”– Jules Davis
  4. Because every diet I tried I failed at. I would lose it and then gain it right back over n over. Plus, being overweight with asthma I would get out of breath so bad. – Dawn Brown
  5. I saw the success my niece had and was impressed with Dr. Alvarez.” – Yvonne Fleming Harmon
  6. Two words…impeccable reputation! Not one regret 2.5 years out. – Lisa Albanese Pierce
  7. My sister! It changed her life, now we are sleeve sisters too! Amazing…best decision ever!”– Vivian Beebe Miller
  8. I wanted to be cared for by the best there is and I was! – Kelly C Mayer
  9. I picked Dr. A based on his reputation. After researching, it was just about impossible to find anyone with anything at all negative to say. I scheduled my surgery and then was lucky enough to meet Dr. A at the 1st SE VSG conference. Meeting him in person confirmed entirely my decision for me. – Jenny Hassler
  10. I chose Endobariatric because of the knowledge and dedication that the Endo Team has for the profession and to people it serves. – Connie Paese Miller


These are but a sampling of the fantastic testimonials we get every day from happy sleevers. And we look forward to helping you in any way we can with your weight loss transformation.


To learn more about Endobariatric and the benefits of the gastric sleeve procedure for your individual weight loss journey visit www.Endobariatric.comtoday. There you’ll discover hundreds of testimonials, before and after pictures, our video gallery and how to determine if you’re a candidate.


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