If Diet and Exercise Don’t Work For Me, Why Would Gastric Sleeve?

When patients turn to gastric sleeve surgery, it’s almost always after years—sometimes a lifetime—of trying to lose weight. They’re tried every diet and exercise plan out there, with no lasting results. Because they’ve “failed” so often, they’re afraid to get their hopes up that gastric sleeve might offer a real solution.


Maybe that sounds familiar.


Spending your life on a diet rollercoaster is not only hard on your health, but it’s hard on your spirit. So let me reassure you right now: Gastric sleeve is different. Gastric sleeve works.


There’s a caveat, of course. You still have to put in the work of changing your diet and exercise habits. Nobody in the history of the world ever lost weight and kept it off by sitting on the couch eating potato chips. But gastric sleeve gives you a two-pronged advantage you’ve never had before.


The first difference between this procedure and traditional weight loss plans is the physical transformation. During a typical gastric sleeve, I remove about 80 percent of a patient’s stomach and reshape what remains into a sleeve-like tube. That leaves a whole lot less space for food, which means you simply won’t be able to eat anywhere near the amount of food you’ve probably been eating. Less food means less weight.


The second difference is that most people report a significant decrease in appetite. Some even have to set a timer to remind themselves to eat. Physically altering the size and shape of your stomach produces chemical changes in your body that impact the hormones that stimulate appetite. Without getting too technical, multiple studies have shown that ghrelin (the hormone that tells your body “I’m hungry!”) was drastically lower in gastric sleeve patients. This isn’t the case with just any old bariatric procedure—ghrelin reduction has been found with gastric sleeve surgery specifically.


Once these hormones are no longer running rampant through your body, you won’t constantly be searching out snacks in the kitchen or anxiously looking forward to your next meal.


What a concept!


And when those two factors come together—a smaller stomach and a reduced appetite—it’s easy to see why major change is extremely likely. Gastric sleeve surgery isn’t a diet or exercise “plan”; rather, it leads to lasting, life-changing weight loss for many people who can’t shed pounds any other way.


The numbers back up this research, too. Gastric sleeve, in general, leads to significant weight loss with remarkably low complication rates. But when you look at my particular success rates in both of those areas, you’ll see even more impressive results than is typical with this already safe and effective procedure.


I’ll say it again: Gastric sleeve isn’t a magic pill, and your success ultimately depends on you. But good dietary choices and an active lifestyle, combined with gastric sleeve performed by Endobariatric, makes it nearly impossible not to lose weight. There’s really no comparison between tradition diets and the phenomenal success we see every day with gastric sleeve.


You may feel like you’ve tried it all. You may be scared to put your faith in yet another attempt. But at Endobariatric, we know there’s a better way—one that will work for you.