The Many Misconceptions Of Bariatric Surgery

Over the last decade, I’ve heard all the falsehoods, all the made up stories and all the down-right utterly confusing misconceptions of bariatric weight loss surgery.

And, seriously some are really out there, if you know what I mean. So, I want to take a few minutes and dispel some of the most common myths and give you the thoughts of my professional experience helping almost 11,000 patients successfully lose weight.


Misconception #1 – Regaining The Weight: FALSE

I just want to clarify this one…during gastric sleeve surgery we remove 80% of your stomach. Your stomach will never, ever be the same size again. You may over time stretch your sleeve a small amount from consuming the wrong items. But, it’ll never be even remotely close to the size prior to surgery.


Misconception #2 – Dying From Surgery: FALSE

I find this one particularly disturbing. The simple fact is when your body is thinner, it’s also healthier. Staying obese will do more harm to your body, your health and your heart. Gastric sleeve surgery will help you lose the weight and ultimately help you live a longer, healthier and thinner life.


Misconception #3 – An Easy Out: FALSE

No way is it an an easy out. Ask any of my patients and you’ll discover that they tried diet after diet, and instead of losing weight they gained it. Their bodies needed a reset. And that’s exactly what the gastric sleeve surgery helps to do. Not only resetting those hormones, but also resetting their metabolism.


Misconception #4 – Becoming An Alcoholic: FALSE

Some people do tend to feel the effects of alcohol faster after having sleeve surgery, but this does not mean you will become an alcoholic. We suggest that alcohol be consumed lightly or not all as it will work against your weight loss goals.


Misconception #5 – Becoming Malnourished: FALSE

No way! After surgery you will transition from liquid to soft foods to a healthy eating lifestyle. You are encouraged to take vitamins and supplements, but as long as you are getting your protein and produce in you should never experience malnourishment.


Misconception #6 – Risk For Suicide: FALSE  

This one is so ridiculous. You underwent the sleeve surgery only to see the weight melting off and you’re now becoming thinner and healthier…why would you think about suicide? This one seems like it was thrown out there by the Psychologists who don’t think people suffering from obesity are in their right state of mind when they consider weight loss surgery as an option.


Misconception #7 – Becoming Obsessed With What You Eat: FALSE

It’s always good to put yourself on a regime of sorts so you know what you can and can’t eat. But, you don’t need to be obsessed about it. To be honest, you should allow some flexibility in your diet plan so you can enjoy food without feeling guilty. You have to learn to listen to your sleeve and know when to stop eating. No obsessing, no stressing, none of it. Think of the sleeve as a tool that helps you become the thinner, healthier version of the person you always dreamt of being.


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