Will Sleeve Surgery Work For You?

If you’ve been suffering from obesity…

or weight-related illnesses far too long and you’ve tried diet after diet only to gain more weight, then yes, sleeve surgery will work for you.


How do I know? Well, ever since I became a gastric sleeve doctor, I’ve been answering that question. And, 11,000 patients later the answer is always YES.


That’s right the answer is YES!


Having gastric sleeve surgery will indeed help you control the amount of food you consume but most importantly will allow you to live life to the fullest.


But you have fears! As did a lot of my patients.


And it’s those fears that are keeping you from taking the necessary first steps in your weight loss journey. Well, the first step is overcoming that fear. Remember, fear is a mindset…change your mindset and you can accomplish anything.


But don’t take my word for it, listen to what others had to say…


I had zero fears about the surgery itself, even though it was my first surgery. I had researched Dr.A. so I was very confident in the surgery. My only fear was Will I be successful? I had tried so many things in the past and they worked at first but then I gained all of the weight back. The one thing that has been said over and over again isthis is a tool! You have ituse it! – Brenda Wooley


Would I have medical issues after , would I miss food , would I regret it , would it work for me? Answer don’t worry , I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  Alicia Ramsey Cowen


OMG too many too list! Sleeved 1/4/17 and so happy I did it. There’s definitely a learning curve to listening to your body and your sleeve, but I’m learning! Stefanie Adelman


That I would die. I know that sounds crazy but surgery terrifies me. Afterward though, my main fear was that the nausea would never go away. It lasted a month or two. – Jenna Herbstritt


Everybody’s fears were a bit different and yet, they all had success with the gastric sleeve. As Brenda states,”it’s a tool, you have it, use it”. That’s right, the gastric sleeve surgery is a tool. A tool that will help you be thinner and healthier.


But ultimate success depends on you. You have to have the desire to be healthy. You have to be willing to leave your old habits behind. You have to say to yourself, “I desire a better, thinner, more fulfilled life”. You have to “want it”.


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