Healthy Condiments To Spice Up Your Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Eating healthy after gastric sleeve surgery doesn’t mean you are limited to bland or boring meals. Though you need to be mindful of which condiments you consume, as many are high in sugar, fat and empty calories, there are plenty of safe options to jazz up your food. Read on as the team at Endobariatric offers some suggestions.

Smart Seasoning Options
The following condiments are generally considered safe choices:
– Salsa or pico de gallo
– Mustard – regular, brown, Dijon
– Maple-flavored syrup with no sugar added
– Flavored vinegars
– Sriracha
– Cholula or other hot sauces
– Pickle relish
– Light vinaigrettes made with lemon or lime juice

You do not have to give up your favorite standbys like soy sauce, mayonnaise or Worcestershire sauce, but look for low-fat, low-sugar and low-sodium alternatives. Also, practice portion control: if you are using a healthier alternative, measure the condiment before adding it to the dish to ensure you are not overdoing it on calories, fat or sugar.

Meal Prep Matters
Protein is essential after surgery, and you will be eating a lot of chicken, turkey and/or fish. Avoid the temptation to douse a chicken breast or piece of salmon in butter or oil by preparing it in a way that makes the protein moist and flavorful. You can bake, roast, steam or poach it, or prepare it in a slow cooker to seal in flavor. Using spices like paprika, rosemary or cumin can also add flavor without the calories.

Speaking of spices, in some cases it is prudent to practice moderation. Preparing a spicy Indian- or Mexican-inspired dish may make you very thirsty, and we discourage you from drinking liquids with your meals (liquids can over-fill your stomach and make you uncomfortable). Try not to overdo it on the chili powder or curry.

Considerations When Dining Out.
Eating out can be tricky, as you cannot control all of the ingredients or the portion size. Your best bet is generally to order salads with added protein or vegetables.
When ordering a salad, ask for a low-sugar or low-fat dressing on the side. Nix any high-calorie toppings like nuts or cheese. If your vegetables come with a sauce or gravy, ask for it on the side. This allows you to manage the amount of dressing or sauce (and calories) you consume.

Condiments To Use Sparingly
The following condiments are high in sugar and/or fat and should be avoided or used sparingly:
– Jam/jelly
– Sweet and sour sauce
– Tartar sauce
– Regular ketchup
– Honey
– Regular barbeque sauce
– Regular mayonnaise
– Caesar dressing

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