The Tuxedo: A Weight Loss Fashion Fairytale Come True

Recently I was invited to give a talk at the VSG Conference in Atlanta Georgia. This conference focuses on helping those who not only have experienced the sleeve surgery it also helps those in the industry discover new techniques and practices.

The day before my speech, a client of mine (we’ll call him Mike, because…well, that’s his real name) participated in a fashion show of sorts. This show is a bit different than what you might think of a fashion show. It’s more of a testament to how much weight loss each one has accomplishment as a result of the gastric sleeve.

Mike was dressed to the nines…a regular Mr Bond…Agent 007. But, instead of being dressed to kill as they say, Mike was dressed to impress. You see, Mike lost 75 pounds since his gastric sleeve surgery six months ago. And, proudly Mike wanted to show the world his results.

Mike got up on stage with a bounce to his step and a smile that vibrated throughout the room. You could tell he was proud of this moment and the transformation he went through to get there. It had been twelve years since Mike wore a tuxedo. Twelve years! Imagine not being able to wear a tuxedo not because you didn’t want to, but because it didn’t fit due to the extra weight you were carrying.

Mike and his tuxedo were togther again and the crowd was going wild. Mike was having the time of his life enjoying the attention, being thinner, having lots of energy and feeling great.

Before Mike’s fashion show stage walk was over he snapped a selfie of himself looking towards the crowd and gave a shout out to me (Dr. Alvarez) as a way of thanks for giving him a new lease on life.

What’s your fairytale look like?

Is your current weight preventing you from accomplishing that dream?

Mike’s story is just one of thousands I’ve helped to write for others. Well, not actually write…more like surgically altered to be better. Being heavy, carrying those extra pounds isn’t fun. Nor, is it healthy. The frustration of dieting only to realize you gained weight instead of losing it is emotionally and physically draining. The gastric sleeve surgery has been that life saving option for over 9000 of my patients and yes, they’ve all felt like Mike with his Tuxedo afterwards.

Being able to fit into clothes you havent worn in over a decade is liberating…it feels good…and it’s a positive motivator to keep us lean and fit for the rest of our life.

I encourage you, if you’re struggling with life being overweight, to visit my YouTube channel ( and watch the hundreds the videos that give renewed hope that weight doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore. You’ll discover testimony from others who have undergone the procedure, answers to frequently asked questions and even see a celebrity or two who recorded their weight loss journey to help others.

Most of all, I encourage you to picture in your mind your fairytale and use it to fuel your desire to be healthy, to be thinner and to have more energy, so one day you can get up on stage like Mike and show the world what you can do.