Educating Lives…One Question At A Time!

The other day I made a huge announcement, maybe you saw it, maybe you didn’t. What I shared was just one more way for me and my team to educate, entertain and engage you, your friends and anyone that might be interested in learning first hand (from a doctor) those deep down questions you’ve always wondered but were afraid to ask.

Yep, I’m giving you free-reign on the questions. Allowing you to ask just about anything you desire when it comes to bariatric surgery, weight loss, foods to eat, how many carbs are too many, and even what exercises are good for you. If you’ve thought it about, then so have others…don’t hold back, just ask away.

I’m excited about this and I believe it will help change lives.

The best part is anyone is welcome to submit questions. Yes, everyone! Not just my patients, but anyone who has a concern about their health. Anyone!

How does it work?

Well, it’s rather simple. All you have to do is post your question or questions to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram using the hashtag #AskDrA

Here’s a couple examples…

Is there one “superfood” that you would recommend I put into my diet? #AskDrA
How does one know what a realistic goal weight is to set for themselves? #AskDrA
What exercise do you recommend? #AskDrA
Can I salsa dance after surgery? #AskDrA

My team will monitor the social networks looking for the hashtag and your question. Once a week I will record the answers to the questions selected and upload the video recording to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Endobariatric website.

Why am I doing this?

Well, for years I did a radio chat show and although I really enjoyed it, the questions were geared to sleeve surgery. There was so much I wanted to share, but I felt that we kept repeating some of the same questions over and over. Now with this new #AskDrA Show I have the opportunity to cover new material, answer new questions and really dig deep on some great content. Plus, now you get to see and hear me.

And yes, I will even answer some personal questions.

What’s it like living in Piedras Negras? #AskDrA
#AskDrA – How long have you been cycling?
What hours do you work? #AskDrA
#AskDrA – Do you and your father ever work together?

When I discussed with the team what hashtag we were going to use it was obvious from the start that “DR A” be in it since most of my patients can remember it. And since we were requesting people ask questions it just became clear that #AskDrA was the easiest hashtag to remember and simplest to use.

So, go ahead pose a question…you know you want to. It can be serious, it can silly, it can be personal or it could be for a friend that is too shy to ask. The possibilities and the questions are endless. Post away and don’t forget to use the hashtag #AskDrA either in front of the question or at the end.