Treating You Like Family

I saw the video and my heart sank. All I could think about is why people would opt for cheap services if it almost kills them. The video I was watching was a news story about a gastric sleeve doctor in Tijuana who, in my opinion, was advertising prices so low it wasn’t even covering his costs.

This particular doctor discharged a patient with an infection in her abdomen. Then in another instance a patient was dumped at the border and if it wasn’t for the fast acting US Border Patrol Agents coming to the rescue the patient would have died. This type of shotty, arrogant, short-sighted work by so-called professionals hurts the entire industry and puts patients lives at risk.

In the over 9000 gastric sleeve surgeries I’ve performed I can tell you down to the penny what my hard costs are and they are higher than those cheap prices offered by those surgery mills in Tijuana. Now, not all doctors in Tijuana fall into the category of cheap or “unethical”, there are some really nice doctors who care, but if you see ads touting surgery for a low rate, do your due diligence. You’re life may depend on it.

My heart breaks every time I see people being taken advantage of by these unscrupulous doctors. It’s not right. And, eventually it will catch up to them, but how many patients will be affected by their lack of care and consideration?

You will never see that type of behavior from me or my staff. We value you as if you were our own family. Before you even arrive we make sure all your questions are answered, we study your health history and explain our process so you understand every step we take while in our care.

Why are our costs higher? We use the highest caliber precision instruments, surgical gauze and titanium staples used by US hospitals. At any given moment there is at least a half a dozen trained medical doctors, nurses and technicians assisting me and monitoring your gastric sleeve surgery. Plus, a prep team that takes care of you while under sedation and a few others in charge of making sure all surgical instruments are clean, sterilized and ready.

Everyone of my team has a job to do when it comes to your health and safety while in our care. From the first time we email you, to the evaluation of your health history form to the shuttle drive from San Antonio, you are treated with dignity and respect. We strive to deliver an experience that you’ll want to tell your friends and family about, that you’ll come away loving the decision you made and you’ll feel that it was the right life changing event that you always dreamed of.

But here’s the thing…I don’t want you to have to worry. That’s right, I want your journey with us to be worry free and the beginning of your weight loss adventure. And I’m willing to put my butt on the line so to speak to ensure your satisfaction.

Once you become my patient I stand behind my work 100%! And when you leave the hospital you’ll have my personal email, phone number and can contact me with any questions. You are just not a number to me…you are part of my family. And family is very important to me.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, I invite you to come join the Endobariatric family and discover an experience worth sharing.