Why We are different?

Hello, I’m doctor Alvarez with Endobariatric.com. Today I want to take the time to explain and let you know what makes us different from other medical center out there regarding the Gastric Sleeve procedure in particular. First of all, that is what we do. THE GASTRIC SLEEVE. That is what we focus on ONLY. Unlike other doctors who perform other types of surgeries along with the gastric sleeve like lap-bands, gastric plication, gastric bypass etc., we on the other hand truly believe that practice makes perfect and this is what we do and focus on every single day. Only gastric sleeves! I believe so much in this procedure that I even performed my mother’s surgery and even wrote a book on this procedure too. In our practice, starting from the get go you will receive a health history document which is transcribed or reviewed by Susan, my coordinator who is also a nurse, and who has been in this field for many years now, working directly with me since late 2005. She will make sure that your health history is fully answered, she will forward this document on to me and I will screen you, I don’t take just anybody as a patient, I will decide if you are a good candidate for this procedure in particular and if I decide to take you as a patient. That means whether to take you as a patient, I’m sure you will have great results and benefit from the surgery. I know about you and your existence since that specific day. Some doctors know about your existence until that same day you are having the surgery with them. That does not happen with us. You are not just another number to us but a person who deserves the best quality in health care possible. So this is why I have a complete 48-hour stay in a fully equipped hospital when you’re here with us. You’ll not be in a clinic, or in an out patient facility or center. You will be taken care of by professional nurses and bilingual personnel assistants that will see that all your needs are taken care of. My team — my associates Dr. Rosales and Dr. Garza, Dr. Salinas and myself — every one will be taking care of you. Regarding Dr. Rosales and myself, we’ll come see you 3 or 4 times a day. We stick to our patients like glue so you can have a worry free stay and have the best results possible. At most centers you probably won’t even see your surgeon again! Now, talking about the facilities, this is a hospital with an intensive care unit, its own CT scan, its own MRI, and full laboratory in case of any unlikely emergency. We also have access to different medical specialties in the same building. We have cardiologists, pulmonary doctors, trauma doctors, intensive care doctors, etc. Everybody in the same building. You will have an itinerary prior to coming so there are no surprises, you know exactly where you will be staying at every moment. We are talking about hotel, hospital, transportation etc. so you don’t have to worry about anything. We take care of you and we arrange all this for you. Another important thing to mention is that this is not an assembly line. It is well known that stress, multiple surgeries, difficult cases and other things can wear out a surgeon and his team. We schedule a maximum of 2 patients, 3 tops, per day to make your surgery safe and to have you have the best optimal results. Your surgeries will always be carried out in the morning so there is no long waiting nor fasting for long periods of time, especially in diabetic patients or older patients. I bet you wouldn’t like to be patient number 5, 6 or 7 that day huh? I wouldn’t! All the procedures are done by myself so I do the driving here! You get the best experience of a surgeon that has literally done thousands of these surgeries. The most important thing is that we don’t hide anything, We are very transparent and honest, and that you will probably see this as you visit our website. What you see is what you get. You will not see any hidden fees, extra bills nor any surprises etc. So We are very ethical and that runs though all my team. We don’t brag about being the number one gastric facility in the world, or having done thousands or millions of these procedures. We let our work and patients speak for themselves. We have literally hundreds of testimonials on video, and hundreds of before and after picture pictures, We are the team with the most reviews out there so we can really show you that we’ve been doing this procedure for a long period of time and that we are serious about doing this procedure. We started doing this sleeve procedure many years ago. We’ve had patients that literally come from every continent in the world to our center and have this procedure, We have done this procedure on famous celebrities and on medical doctors form the US have done surgery on nurses form the US, respiratory therapists, all medical professionals from the US. So, again our patients speak for themselves. Another issue is follow up. We don’t do and forget. That’s very important, as you see on the boards with other surgeons who do your surgery and wish you a happy life. I answer thousands of questions a week, from patients, from other doctors from around the world from the United States and worldwide who are simply lost in their post op care. When you decide to have surgery with us, we become a family, bond together, and we will stand by you all through your journey. We even get together once a year with our patients and have a patients reunion. The key here is to be well informed. You will be very very well informed, you will have special access to special videos that’s we will share with patients, links to my book, etc. If you look around you will find people lacking info, look at the forums, look at the questions they are making and see whom their doctor is, and you will see what I’m talking about. Remember that even if this is a minimal invasive surgery procedure, it is still major surgery. You deserve the best experience and an amazing outcome. I hope this video was useful and helps you make a more informed decision. Please contact me. If I can help you in any way I would be glad to. On behalf of my team and I, we wish you always the very best. I’m Dr. Alvarez with endobariatric.com where we are changing lives one sleeve at a time.