Is Support Necessary After Gastric Sleeve?

The truth is that support is crucial before, during, and after your gastric sleeve. But for those not blessed with helpful family and friends, you absolutely can succeed in your weight loss—with a lot of determination and a support system that you create.

Support Before Sleeve Surgery

It’s hard enough to make the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery with support from loved ones. But we know that plenty of our patients have to deal with doubt or outright opposition from those closest to them. Friends and family have different reasons for not being onboard with the procedure, from questions about safety to the idea of medical tourism surgery in Mexico. And then there are concerns that seem to come from a selfish place: “Ugh, he/she won’t be any fun anymore.” “He/she doesn’t have the disciple; someone needs to say it.” Many patients find that doing something positive for their health—like gastric sleeve—is very threatening to important people in their lives.

Just remember why you’re making this decision. It would be nice if everyone was supportive of a surgery that will change your life and health for the better, but it’s not necessary. The only caveat is that teen patients need someone at home committed to buying healthy food.

Support During Your Stay at Endobariatric

It’s comforting to have a support person come with you for the procedure; our hospital even includes 35 private rooms designed for one patient and one guest. But, again, it’s not strictly necessary. Our professional nursing staff is superbly trained to take care of all your needs as a bariatric patient. We’ve created a safe, calm retreat during your time here. And while I won’t say that recovery is a breeze, it’s not as bad as many patients fear. International patients are typically discharged after 48 hours in the hospital. By that time, you’ll be walking, getting to the restroom by yourself, and able to manage other aspects of care.

Keep in mind that gastric sleeve at Endobariatric is a minimally invasive procedure. In fact, patients with desk jobs can be back at work in as little as three to five days. Hopefully that helps you understand how quickly you’ll be able to do things on your own.

Support After You Get Home

If nobody in your at-home circle has gone through weight loss surgery, they genuinely may not know how to support you. It can be helpful to tell them exactly what you need: Do you need someone to help hold you accountable? Do you need someone to workout with you? Do you need ice cream out of the house completely? Hopefully, your crew will step up. But that’s not always the case.

It’s fairly easy for patients to stay motivated in the months immediately after surgery. You won’t be able to eat much for a while, and you’ll feel amazing as the pounds start melting off. But motivation doesn’t stay high 24 hours a day for the rest of your life, especially if you’re living with people who tempt you with chips, sweets, or other trigger foods. Studies have shown that people involved in weight loss surgery support groups lose more weight than those who aren’t. So if you aren’t getting support at home, get it from a support group. Heck, even if you are getting it at home, you’ll still benefit from a support group. That’s why we created the Endobariatric Facebook page, an incredibly active place where our sleevers support each other—and often become lifelong friends. We even coordinate meet-ups so online pals can get together in real life.

Success with gastric sleeve boils down to your attitude and support from people who want the best for you. Whether you have a rock-star support system or none at all, know that your Endobariatric family is always here!

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