Ways You Can Save Money after Having Bariatric Surgery

Many patients worry about the cost of bariatric surgery. At Endobariatric, I strive to provide care that is both stellar and affordable. Because I established my practice across the Mexican border, I can offer a lower price for gastric sleeve surgery than is possible in the United States.
I also encourage prospective patients to consider future savings when they do a cost-benefit analysis. While the main investment you make when you undergo bariatric surgery is an investment in yourself, the surgery can also help you save money in a few other ways:

When you are obese, you may not even recognize just how much more food you eat than the average person. Maintaining a high-calorie diet is expensive: frequent snacks, extra meals and larger portions all come at a literal cost.
After gastric sleeve, my patients commonly find that they save hundreds of dollars per month on food. In addition to consuming less food in general, you may find yourself taking half of your meal home from a restaurant, which you can eat as leftovers the next day. Moreover, when you plan your meals, you are less likely to buy food that might spoil before you get around to consuming it.

Diet Plans
Before turning to gastric sleeve surgery, you probably tried several dietary plans in your quest to lose weight. Once you have found a successful solution like bariatric surgery, you will no longer be tempted to waste money on fad diets with minimal results. Focusing on portion control and nutrition should provide you with the long-term results that diet trends rarely can.

Future Medical Bills
Obesity is connected to a long list of health problems, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and mental illness. Even with health insurance, paying to treat and manage any of these problems (or in many cases, a combination of these problems) is remarkably expensive.

Losing weight lowers your risks for adverse health effects. The price of gastric sleeve surgery could be a fraction of what it costs to deal with the health complications you might otherwise develop. Particularly in the long term, the choice to have bariatric surgery could be beneficial to your savings account.

Increasing Your Ability to Make Money
Unfortunately, obesity may be holding you back from expanding your professional opportunities. Research tells us that companies are less likely to hire overweight candidates. You may also be passed over for a promotion if they perceive your body size to be a sign of laziness — regardless of whether that is accurate. At a healthier weight, you are likely to have more energy to pursue extra work and earn more. It is much easier to save money when you make more money.

Speak to an Outstanding Bariatric Surgeon
As a bariatric surgeon who specializes in gastric sleeve surgery, I have helped over 18,500 patients from around the world to transform their bodies. While no amount of money should matter more than your health and contentment, the ability to save money after your surgery is an added benefit. For a consultation, please call the Endobariatric team at 1 (800) 381-8115.

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