Transforming Lives

Imagine struggling for most of your life trying desperately to lose weight, to free yourself of your weight related health problems and to finally live life on your terms. Many believe such a picture of themselves will never happen.

Every person who reaches out to me or my office staff to inquire about the gastric sleeve surgery are frustrated. They have tried without much success the many diets out there, the countless exercise programs and the magic pills and are at their emotional breaking point. They want a better life.

A typical surgeon will mend a patient by setting their bones or removing an appendix and although a very valuable service it doen’t help those overcome their weight related issues. The gastric sleeve (bariatric) procedure is a weight loss tool that gives those struggling a renewed hope for the future.

Kristin lost 155 pounds in 15 months. Madison is down 142 pounds in less than 2 years.

Mike lost 75 pounds in 5 months. Joe shed 45 pounds in 4 months.

Jeff Whaley left this testimonial on the Endobariatric Facebook page… “My life is changed for ever!!! 284lbs then – size 46– now 153lbs- size 29!! Thank you Dr A and staff!!!” Then in another post he shared this, “After all the research and YouTube videos, the choice was easy!! BEST DECISION EVER!!!

Jeff is a big fan of exclamation points and so he should be with a life altering 131 pounds gone. He has received a renewed lease on life, more energy and as you can see he considers it the best decision ever.

In a recent YouTube video, I interviewed Naomi and here’s what she said, “Weight has been a life long struggle for me, I had been on every diet and my weight keep going up, I was kind of scared because I saw no control in sight.” Naomi started researching bariatric surgery because a friend recommended it and she soon discovered all the videos that we share on YouTube.

Naomi and Jeff and the thousands of others were tired of the struggles and frustrations, the health related issues and how others looked at them in regard to their weight. Losing weight is a confidence builder, it makes us feel we are in control of our body. When we don’t see after a period of time (5, 10, 15, 20 or more years) any weight coming off (or more being packed on) we start to wonder is it the diet or is it our body. And, then the self doubt settles in, our mind plays tricks on us and we wonder if we can ever lose weight and we feel like our efforts are in vain.

My team is constantly posting before and after pictures to show the progress of our patients.These pictures are not used to brag about our services but to help motivate and show others that these people are real, they have families, they have struggles, and with a proper mindset they too can overcome the frustrations of weight loss and shed those unhealthy pounds.

At Endobariatric we’ve had over 9000 patients transform their lives through the bariatric procedure…will you or someone you know be next? Well, I would encourage you if you are struggling to lose weight and are downright frustrated at diets, pills and exercise programs that don’t seem to work, then check out our YouTube channel at and discover what Naomi, Jeff and thousands already know and have experienced first hand.