4 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleeve Surgery

Maybe you’ve done extensive research on sleeve surgery, or maybe the idea is a relatively new one. Either way, we want to cut through the confusion on four important elements associated with the procedure (at Endobariatric, anyway). The good news is that it’s all good news.


Truth #1: It’s affordable for almost everyone.

Unlike the complicated doctor and hospital bills most Americans are used to, Endobariatric has a simple, one-price payment of $8,900 for VSG surgery. That’s it. And it includes not only your entire surgery, but your hotel and hospital stays, nursing care, take-home prescriptions, and sleeve-acceptable snacks and drinks. No hidden costs. No bills arriving after you get home. And if your budget is tight, Endobariatric offers financing options.


The cost of remaining obese is much higher, though, even if we charged tens of thousands of dollars. Unimaginable health care costs is your future, even if it isn’t your present. Obesity is directly linked to things like increased doctor and hospital visits, surgeries, prescription medication, and many other wallet busters. But sleeve surgery can dramatically decrease and even reverse your risk factors (and their impact on your bank account).


Truth #2: It’s overwhelmingly successful.

By the time they get to us, most patients have tried to lose weight for years—decades, even. So it’s easy to understand why they’re hesitant to believe that this time will be different. But the fact is that sleeve surgery through Endobariatric is almost always successful. What do we mean by “successful?” Patients lose weight. A lot of it. They look better, of course, but as they lose excess pounds, their health completely transforms. Serious diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are improved or even resolved. That’s success.


Don’t take my word for it, though. Browse through page after page of before-and-after pictures and stories—the largest such gallery from a single surgeon—on our website. Or visit the independent site, ObesityHelp.com, to read over 850 five-star reviews from patients around the country.


Truth #3: It’s just over the border.

Sometimes people hear “surgery in Mexico” and think “dangerous.” But that couldn’t be further from the truth at Endobariatric. The hospital is located in Piedras Negras, just a mile over the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. It’s a culturally rich town with heritage sites, restaurants, shops, and museums. And whether you’re in the upscale hotel, the hospital, or in transit, patient safety is our number one priority. Our hospital and technologies are state of the art–superior, in fact, to some in the U.S.—and include a top intensive care unit, diagnostic equipment, and everything else you would find in a large, state-side hospital.


Truth #4: It’s the least invasive option with the best results.

When you first look into bariatric surgery, you’ll find that there are a number of options—roux-en-Y bypass and banding being common alternatives to sleeve surgery. I’ve chosen to perform gastric sleeve surgeries exclusively for one reason: They’re safe and they’re effective. This minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery takes about 35 minutes, as opposed to several hours for other types. Reduced OR time means less anesthesia and less risk. Plus, it doesn’t alter the intestines, so patients don’t have to worry about battling a vitamin deficiency. And while other bariatric options include maintenance fees, food restrictions, and side effects like vomiting and reflux, gastric sleeve delivers a much better quality of life.


Sleeve surgery is already a relatively low-risk proposition, but I hold myself to rigorous standards. I’ve perfected my technique over 11,500-plus surgeries; as a result, complications like nausea or a potential leak occur in less than 1 percent of my patients. I’m pretty proud of that.


The bottom line is that Endobariatric offers patients a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Your safety, success, and happiness is our only goal.