How Gastric Sleeve Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

Struggling with obesity and the pain associated with it can make it challenging for you to do the things you enjoy. I can help relieve your chronic pain and help you reclaim your life with gastric sleeve surgery.

Weight-related Pain
If your weight is not properly managed, it can lead to chronic pain. Excess weight increases the pressure on your joints and muscles, which can lead to premature deterioration. In fact, for every pound of body weight, the joints in the knee experience four to six pounds of pressure. When obesity is coupled with little to no exercise, it can result in inflammation in the body and increase your risk of inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis. Chronic pain can limit your mobility and result in even more weight gain and further health complications.

Gastric Sleeve and Pain Relief

Reduced Joint Pain
Gastric sleeve surgery is an effective way to promote the rapid weight loss needed to reduce pressure from your joints and relieve pain. In a Harvard study, 41% to 64% of participants reported improvement in the physical function of their bodies following gastric sleeve surgery. Additionally, those who reported that they were unable to walk 400 meters in seven minutes or less prior to surgery were able to do so following surgery.

Reduced Inflammation
Gastric sleeve surgery reshapes the stomach and helps you limit food intake. Following surgery, you will feel fuller much sooner after eating, which should allow you to consume smaller portions of food overall. The hormones that control appetite are affected by surgery also, which further reduces the risk of overeating. As a result of the dietary changes that usually come with gastric sleeve surgery, you may notice less inflammation. By incorporating nutritious foods into your now-reduced diet, you will promote additional weight loss and further reduce inflammation in your body.

Improved Ability to Exercise
As you lose weight, reduce inflammation, and relieve pressure from your muscles and joints, you may regain lost mobility. As it becomes easier to exercise, you will be better poised to engage in the strengthening movements that ease joint pain and stiffness.
Gastric Sleeve From a Master Bariatric Surgeon
Making the decision to have weight loss surgery is a big and rewarding step. The right surgeon can guide you through your options and help address any concerns. Not only am I a board-certified bariatric surgeon, but in 2012 I achieved accreditation as a “Master Bariatric Surgeon” from Surgical Review Corporation. This is coupled with my 18+ years of experience helping patients achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. If you are ready to explore how gastric sleeve surgery can relieve chronic pain, contact Endobariatric by calling 1-800-381-8115 or scheduling an appointment.

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