Do I Owe My Friends an Explanation for Why I’m Having Gastric Sleeve?

Deciding to have gastric sleeve surgery is not a decision that most people come to lightly. As with other life-changing events, you may be wondering if you should talk to friends about it. Continue reading below as I discuss a few factors that can help you come to a decision that feels right for you.

Telling Friends About Gastric Sleeve
People are naturally curious, and one thing that is sure to raise questions among family and friends is a drastic change in your weight. You may or may not feel the need to get ahead of the inevitable questions by explaining why you’re having gastric sleeve surgery in the first place.

If you decide to fill in your family and friends, consider the following:

How Much To Tell Friends
Deciding how much to tell your friends is a personal choice. If you simply want to prepare them for the physical changes that accompany weight loss surgery, you may choose to tell them that you are on a weight loss journey and to expect changes but leave out exactly which procedure you’re undergoing. Likewise, if you want to let your circle know that you may not be available during your recovery period, you may choose to share that snippet of information only and omit other details about your gastric sleeve.

When To Tell Friends
If you decide to share why you’re having gastric sleeve surgery, you may want to consider the timing. During the time leading up to your surgery, you will be occupied with preparations and may not be able to offer a satisfactory explanation to inquisitive friends. If you plan to offer an explanation, doing so at a time that is in alignment with your wellness goals may be ideal.

Who Among Your Friends Should You Tell?
Even if you decide to tell friends about your reasons for seeking gastric sleeve surgery, you are not obligated to disclose the information to all of them. Each friend has a different personality and different opinions. As such, you may not feel comfortable sharing details about your procedure with all of them. It is important to only open up to those that are supportive of you.
Ultimately, only you can decide if sharing your private medical details is right for you.

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