Why Water Is Your Best Friend in a Weight Loss Journey

At Endobariatric, we know that bariatric surgery is just the first step in a lifelong weight-loss journey. Gastric sleeve gives you the tools to achieve your goals, but you still need to do the work and stick to the plan after your surgery to see the results. That is why my amazing team and I (Dr. Guillermo Alvarez) make sure all our patients are aware just how critical drinking water is to complete their weight-loss transformation. In this blog, I explain why water is your best friend for weight-loss, even if you have not had bariatric surgery.

Water Can Limit Your Appetite
Gastric sleeve surgery is an effective appetite suppressant, but it is not the only way to feel full sooner. When you drink plenty of water ahead of a meal, this water helps to fill the stomach, signaling to the brain that you are less hungry than you would be without having drank water. In fact, sometimes people mistake thirst for hunger and snack to meet this urge. It is a good idea to try to drink water first and see if that satiates that need.

Water Is Essential for Burning Fat
Lipolysis is the term for the process in which the body metabolizes carbohydrates and stored fat. To kick off lipolysis, water molecules must interact with the fat to generate glycerol. If you do not consume enough water, your body may not have sufficient water to start the fat burning process. Preliminary research suggests that those who consume more water activate more lipolysis.

Hydration Improves Exercise
No weight loss program is complete without physical activity. Your body sweats during exercise, and this loss of fluid can result in some amount of dehydration. Since dehydration can quickly stifle the quality of your exercise, it is a smart idea to drink water throughout your workout. More specifically, water keeps you from feeling prematurely tired and your muscles from cramping, thus allowing you to work out longer than you might have otherwise.

Water Is a Replacement for Sugary or High-Calorie Drinks
When you are thirsty, every time you reach for a glass water instead of a soda or sugar-laden fruit juice, you are making a healthy decision that translates to fewer calories consumed. This accelerates your weight loss.

As one of just a dozen doctors in the world designated a “master bariatric surgeon,” I have patients visit me at Endobariatric from across the world. While water is a great tool for any phase of your weight-loss journey, to lose a dramatic amount of weight, you are likely to need more assistance than just H2O.

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