What to Know about Weight Discrimination in the Workplace

Do you ever feel that obesity has held you back from succeeding financially? Your suspicions may be based in truth. In the same way that excess weight can limit your social opportunities, studies confirm that obesity has been found to stifle your career opportunities. In this blog, I, Dr. Guillermo Alvarez of Endobariatric, briefly review some of this job-related discrimination so you know what you are up against.

Obese People Are Less Likely to Get Hired
Before any job can start, you must be hired. Unfortunately, your weight may be an obstacle to you getting hired in the first place. Studies find that employers are less likely to hire obese candidates. Moreover, 45% of employers said they would be less inclined to recruit an obese candidate in the first place.

Obese People Get Paid Less
In a sign that overweight people are less valued by their employers, research finds that overweight people are paid (on average) thousands less than people with lower BMIs. This salary discrepancy holds even for workers in similar roles: your thinner colleague may be getting paid more than you do for the same job.

Obese People Are Less Likely to Be Promoted
Even if you do get your foot in the door at an office, your ability to make advancements at the workplace may also be hindered. A survey confirmed that employers are less likely to promote their overweight employees. This lack of professional advancement also contributes to overweight people earning significantly less throughout their lifetime.

This Type of Discrimination Is Legal
Believe it or not, discriminating against someone because of their weight is acceptable in many places throughout the world, including most states in the U.S. In fact, in almost every state it remains legal for employers to fire an employee because of their weight. You may have no recourse if your boss decides to let you go.

Speak to a World-Class Surgeon about Weight Loss
Take it from this bariatric surgeon: struggling with your weight is not a good measurement of your intelligence, capabilities or ambitions. More than likely, you already have the tools to succeed at your dream job regardless of your size. Unfortunately, that does not mean that other people do not view you through prejudicial eyes.

While I would discourage you from having bariatric surgery to please your boss, if you are interested in losing weight to better achieve your own goals — personal and professional — then gastric sleeve surgery may be the right solution to get you back on track. For a consultation, please call 1-800-381-8115.

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