Be A Loser, But Not With This Reality TV Show!

The Biggest Loser became a highly popular TV show for NBC and it seemed to have given millions of viewers the motivation to lose weight. Unfortunately, like so many reality shows the truth is not always evident and the outcomes not what they seem.

The concept of the television show was to follow contestants through their weight loss journey and whomever lost the most weight was dubbed the “Biggest Loser”. And, even though each contestant went through an intensive dieting and exercise program, after the show ended the majority of them returned to their original weight.

Sadly, it’s true.

You have to wonder why all these contestants some of whom lost upwards of 100 pounds due to the show regained it all back. Weren’t they motivated enough? Didn’t they feel better not having all those pounds? I’m sure they felt motivated while on the show and I’m sure they even felt better being lighter, so what caused them to gain the weight back?

You see once the show ended contestants were no longer pushed to eat healthy, exercise daily or even care how they felt. When they were in the spotlight they were held accountable and they felt good that people were watching them. Yet, when the show ended they were no longer compelled to stick to their regimens and went back to their old habits.

But there’s hope!

And if you truly desire to be healthy and show all your friends the new you, the thinner you, it has nothing to do with the TV program. Although if you choose you may proudly sit on our authentic “Losers” bench.

You see what we offer is a chance to enjoy life with more energy. Is it easy…no! Does it require effort…yes! But you have to be ready? You see, you have to be at that stage in your life where you’ve had enough. You’re tired of the extra weight. Tired of struggling. Tired of always being out of breath. Tired of the sleep apnea or the host of other disorders. Tired of the big clothes. Tired of people looking at you like you did something wrong.

It’s time to begin your own journey. What we offer is a life-saving experience. No it’s not hype. It’s called the gastric sleeve…and it can literally and figuratively change your life.

Yes, change your life.

The gastric sleeve better known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy or in layman’s terms “weight loss surgery” is designed to help those suffering from obesity live a more fulfilled life. Imagine losing 50 pounds, 75 pounds, 100 pounds or more? Yes, it’s possible. And my patients prove that every single day when they send me their testimonials, before and after pictures and Snapchat videos.

And all those things that you’re tired of…slowly over time become distant memories.

Although I can’t promise you stardom on some TV show what my over 10,000 patients can attest to is that they feel like movie stars after we helped them. They become true weight loss losers!

Welcome to Endobariatric, where we are changing lives…one sleeve at a time!