5 Facts About Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

When you mention the possibility of having gastric sleeve surgery—or any surgery—in Mexico, friends and family may try to change your mind. They undoubtedly mean well; there’s still a stigma involved with international medical procedure, after all. But the truth is that, just like in the U.S., there are exceptional physicians in Mexico and not-so-great physicians. Let’s take a look at how Endobariatric stacks up against its international competition.

Fact #1: Experience is Key
While many U.S.-based bariatric surgeons perform multiple kinds of bariatric surgeries (Lap-Band, bypass, etc.), I’ve done gastric sleeve surgery only since 2006. Why is that important? Because this specialization has allowed me to perfect my technique to world-class standards, which gives my patients the best results every time. Doctors who do different kinds of bariatric surgeries may only do gastric sleeve once in a while. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer that my surgeon did the procedure two hours ago—not two weeks ago. And it’s not just me whose technique has benefited from this specialization. My staff of highly skilled surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologist have been right there beside me all these years.

Fact #2: Numbers Don’t Lie
I believe in providing individual, undivided attention to my patients, which is why I only perform three to four procedures a day. Considering that my surgeries only take about 30 minutes, I could squeeze in more every day. But that’s not my style. I’m able to get unparalleled results because I’m fresh for every patient. The decision to limit the number of patients I take on has resulted in extraordinarily low complication rates. Side effects like leaks, nausea, and severe pain occur in less than 1 percent of my patients. My complication rates, in fact, are well below what the literature says is “average.” Meaning that any doctor you consider, including those in the U.S., probably have much higher complication rates than I do.

Fact #3: Lower Cost Doesn’t Mean Lower Quality…Usually
We’ve been conditioned to think that the more something costs, the more valuable it is. In some cases, it’s true, but gastric sleeve isn’t one of them. In the U.S., gastric sleeve costs an average of $30,000. At Endobariatric, we charge a flat fee of $8,900, which covers everything from prescriptions to your hotel/hospital stay. There are no surprise bills, large co-pays, insurance deductibles, etc. And our low prices aren’t a result of cutting corners. Endobariaric uses the same state-of-the-art surgical technology found in most U.S. hospitals. Actually, our facility is updated so often that we’re frequently ahead of normal U.S. standards.

One caveat about cost: You can find lower prices in Mexico than what Endobariatric offers, but that’s typically because they shuttle as many patients in and out of the operating room as possible.

Still feel better with a U.S. connection? I did multiple post-graduate training programs in the U.S. (and Europe), and my team members and I are completely fluent in English. I humbly suggest that my credentials are sterling; I’m able to offer a more affordable price simply because of where I practice. If I moved across the border, my prices would skyrocket—and so would yours.

Fact #4: And the Award Goes to…Endobariatric
I’m not big on bragging, but it’s worth noting that I’m one of only 12 doctors in the world to earn the “Bariatric Surgeon of Excellence” designation by the Surgical Review Corporation, an independent review board. I’ve had this distinction since 2012, thanks to my flawless record. I’m also a bestselling author of several gastric sleeve books, a frequent speaker at national and international conferences, and an active member of prestigious American and international bariatric societies. Of course, I’m also a board-certified surgeon. The point is that my team and I have the qualifications to prove that we’re not just the best in Mexico; we’re among the best in the world.

Fact #5: Medical Tourism Isn’t Inherently More Dangerous
International travel has its risks, but so does driving across town for groceries. Some people hear “Mexico” and think “danger.” And there are certainly parts of the country that are more dangerous than others. Just like some U.S. hospitals might not be located in the best part of town. But Endobariatric is only one mile across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Our town, Piedras Negras, is actually a culturally rich destination with heritage sites, museums, and shops galore. In fact, we provide a van service a few times a week so our patients can do some souvenir shopping. And rest assured that, as our guests, we’re always looking out for your safety, whether you’re in the hospital or on your way to a local museum.

Our Patients are the Best Ambassadors
We can go on and on (and on!) about the safety, quality, and level of expertise at Endobariatric. But you probably want to hear the “real deal” from people who’ve experienced it first-hand. The good news is that our patients aren’t shy about sharing. From the pages of before-and-after pics and video testimonials on our site to the 850-plus patient reviews on ObesityHelp.com, you can see for yourself. Here’s a preview:
• “The team went above and beyond for me!”
• “I am still in awe of the care I received 18 months later. Endobariatric was the best decision of my life.”
• “The staff was all very helpful and kind. I have been in the hospital many times and never had the care I had with the Endobariatric team. Simply amazing!”

We can also add you to our private, patient-only Facebook group, where people are sharing the highs and lows of their gastric sleeve journey. Get in touch today to learn more about gastric sleeve with Endobariatric.

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