How Much Weight Can You Lose with Gastric Sleeve?

As an internationally recognized bariatric surgeon, my primary concern is to help my patients lead long, healthy, happy lives. However, I understand that for many of my patients, the first question is how much weight they can expect to lose through gastric sleeve. Looking better and feeling better usually go hand in hand, and the good news is both are attainable with gastric sleeve.

Having performed over 18,000 sleeve surgeries, I have seen many patients join the “Century Club” (lose more than 100 pounds). Here is what you should keep in mind about weight loss from gastric sleeve:

It Is Impossible to Give a Precise Number
I am not trying to dodge the question — it really is not possible to say how much weight you will lose with gastric sleeve, given that each patient can respond differently to the surgery. Your starting weight is more indicative of how many pounds you can take off over time.

Typical Results
With all of this in mind, what I can do is describe to you some of the average weight loss figures I see with my patients after they undergo gastric sleeve surgery. Most patients will lose an average of two to four pounds per week for the first six months to a year. You can expect the biggest weight loss to come in the first month due to the sternest dietary restrictions.
For additional context, the average patient loses 60 to 70 percent of his or her excess weight (the weight above their goal weight) by the end of the first year.

Ways to Maximize Your Weight Loss
If you are hoping to get the best results possible following gastric sleeve surgery, much will depend on your own post-surgery efforts. While the weight will come off more easily at first, it is usually the patients who stick to a healthy, calorie-conscious diet a year (and more) later that will continue to see the pounds disappear. Exercising will also help to enhance your weight loss, although I recommend waiting about two months after receiving gastric sleeve before doing anything strenuous.

Schedule a Consultation
To learn more about what gastric sleeve can do for your body and the kind of weight loss you can expect from the surgery, please contact my office by calling 1-800-381-8115 or sending an email. My team and I are happy to answer any questions and arrange for a consultation to set your weight loss journey in motion.

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