Can You Drink Soda after Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

When my patients find out they should not drink alcohol or coffee following gastric sleeve surgery, one of the most common follow-up questions I hear is, “What about soda?” Unfortunately, I must advise against consuming soda for the sake of your ongoing health and safety.

Absolutely Not in the First Month
You should have no soda — with no exceptions — in the first month following gastric sleeve surgery because the carbonation will put extreme pressure on your stomach, which could harm your healing incision. Moreover, the carbonation will likely make you feel nauseated.

Preferably Not after the First Month Either
Studies show that overweight and obese people drink much more soda than the average person. It makes sense that these are extra calories that do not even help to fill you. When you get gastric sleeve surgery, you are essentially committing to a new way of life. Consuming all the sugar that comes with most soda is the kind of habit that could cause you to gain weight all over again.

Avoid Caffeine Whenever Possible
Another reason to avoid drinking soda after bariatric surgery is to steer clear of the same ingredient you need to avoid in coffee: caffeine. Simply put, caffeine acts as a hunger suppressant and diuretic. After altering their bodies, it is common for patients not to eat enough nutrients and stay hydrated, so adding caffeine into the system can make your body even less motivated to eat. You lose weight by eating smaller portions, not eliminating food entirely.

If You Are Really Craving Soda…
If soda is your main vice and you are not sure you can go without it, allow me to offer up a few suggestions:

• Flavored water: Water is great for you, but some people find it bland, particularly after developing a taste for soda. Fortunately, we live in a time when there is no shortage of flavored water brands available at the supermarket, so try a few and see which flavor is appealing enough to give up your soda habit permanently.

• Zero-calorie soda: A number of the biggest soda brands have put out sugar-free and calorie-free varieties of soda and diet soda. Although I would not recommend these on a regular basis, they are certainly a much better alternative to the high-caloric alternatives associated with weight loss.

• Let the soda go flat: Because carbonation can potentially cause so many stomach problems, if you do choose to drink calorie-free soda, it would be beneficial to drink it without the fizz. Flat soda may not taste as good, but it will ultimately be nicer on your gastric sleeve.

Schedule a Consultation
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